Top 5 Reasons to Ship to Advance Warehouse Instead of the Show

November 20, 2017

Jeff Andrews

Jeff is an Important Sales Guy for Production Prints who has been helping exhibitors with their portable, modular and custom trade show displays since 2007.

When planning for your next event, it can seem arduous thinking up all of the possible scenarios and options for getting all of the necessary materials to the actual show. Which option is cheaper? Does cheaper mean less reliable? How will I know everything will be safe?

Many have asked these kinds of questions, especially when it comes to the choice of shipping directly to the show or to use an Advance Shipment Warehouse instead. Below are the top five reasons why going the route of Advance Warehouse may save you some sweat as well as cents:

  1. Peace of Mind

Given all of the logistics it takes to not only execute a successful trade show but also to plan up to the actual day itself, it can be nice to know that you are able to rely on someone else for a change. Advance Shipment Warehouses are excellent because even though they are offsite from the actual venue, your products and/or signage will be safely stored on an organized trailer and then brought directly to the event site. From there, the proper labels will direct the venue personnel to put your items at your booth. Furthermore, it is one less objective that you will be relying on the event location to take care of, as they will be dealing with potentially hundreds of booths just like yours.

  1. Save Money

Trade shows can be costly and especially in this economy, saving every penny can truly add up. Usually, shipping to the Advance Shipment Warehouse is actually going to cost you less than shipping directly to the show. On top of Advance Shipment Warehouses sometimes having discounted rates, going with this option steers you clear of having to pay any additional handling or higher drayage rates that the show may have. If you do end up shipping directly to the show, check with them to see if any shipping company is preferred on their end. This could also allow you to write out a smaller check at the end of the day.

  1. Wider Delivery Windows

Navigating the inner workings of how the event venue works is one thing; calling up customer service at a large shipping corporation like UPS or FedEx is quite another. Using the Advance Shipment Warehouse allows for a much wider window of delivery. Since it’s an offsite facility, usually this window can be a large as three weeks, whereas shipping directly to the booth is a much smaller time period, such as two or three days. In addition, this smaller window tends to overlap with weekend dates, meaning you would be paying more for expedited shipping or weekend delivery fees rather than the basic shipping costs like FedEx Ground or “standard freight.”

  1. Less Waiting for Set-Up

Once the day of the event arrives, you want to be ready to go as soon as possible. By utilizing Advance Shipment Warehouses, you’ll be able to save time and therefore focus your attention on other matters at hand. Advance Shipments tend to be the first ones that the venue takes over, which means they will be dropped off at your booth that much sooner. Going the “Direct to Show” method means your shipment will be corralled with the hundreds of others who wanted to take advantage of the convention center’s service and that the Marshalling Yard will be swamped with packages. This translates into you waiting longer for your materials – sometimes half a day, sometimes the whole day. The sooner you know your materials are safe and intact, the better.

  1. Aids in Organization

Since Advance Shipment Warehouses have larger windows, this also means they have earlier dates in which you need to be prepared by. This can also be extrapolated to planning out your entire event. By planning ahead, one is more apt to make better decisions and have the opportunities to save money through hunting out deals and not paying any expediency fees from suppliers. Being prepared in advance and having a solid organizational system in place alleviates a lot of the stress from the event, increases productivity, and can make the event itself that much more enjoyable and successful for you.


While shipping directly to the show’s venue may seem like the most logical and easiest method of getting your supplies there, Advance Shipment Warehouses have numerous perks that make them viable and in a lot of cases, more optimal options. Having one less task to mark off on your checklist means less stress during the trials and tribulations of the planning process. Having a wider window of delivery also translates to costing you less, which only serves to decrease the mental stress as well as the monetary stress. Advance Shipment Warehouses also force you to be productive and plan ahead, only serving to ensure your event is stress-free the day of your next successful trade show.


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