What Has TSNN Done for You Lately?

October 24, 2017

Arlene Shows

Arlene Shows (yes – that’s her real last name!) is the Marketing Director for TSNN & TSNN Awards and a passionate networker in the events industry.

Here’s Our Story – What’s Yours? We’re Listening!

As the Marketing Manager for TSNN, I put a lot of thought into trying to listen and getting others to listen to us (it’s a noisy event world out there!). There’s no doubt we’re all attempting to connect, to be heard and to get our value proposition out there, hoping it will resonate. I fell in love with the psychology of marketing because it allows you to jump inside people’s heads - the way they think (and operate), and learn what drives them as human beings and how they go about reaching their goals.

As I approach my 10-year anniversary working for TSNN/Tarsus Group, it’s the interesting diversity of people (along with the hunger to learn from them) that drives me. It’s the networking, the partnerships, the creative brainstorming, plus the hundreds of thousands of verticals within the trade show industry (and the challenge of wrapping your head around those business models), while exploring ways to do it better – together – that motivates me. We have a countless amount of brave entrepreneurs in our complex world of event professionals. Every day I’m fortunate enough to learn what drives them – lucky me! And you! The opportunities abound if you take the time to really listen.

TSNN recently started selling native ads and they are popular – why? Because we all enjoy telling our story – what’s yours? What got you motivated today? What hooked you on our event world and what part of our industry are you the most passionate about? What worked, what didn’t, what can you relate to, then share with the rest of us? As the No. 1 trade show news source, we have multiple channels available for you to learn, connect with peers and be heard, all free of charge – and listed below.

As the old Coke slogan goes, “There’s Nothing Like The Real Thing Baby” – and for TSNN that means having our ear to the ground and our finger on the pulse. Let us help you engage a bit more, find your people and grow. Basically, we want to know “What can TSNN do for you?”

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Reach out anytime: ashows@tarsusus.com. As the wonderful Joyce McKee used to say, “Let’s talk trade shows!”​​​​​​

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