Why Booth Staff Training Matters (Part II)

June 21, 2018

Thea Vinereanu

Thea Vinereanu is the Business Development Manager for Trade Show Stars, which provides trade show staff training to help increase the quality and quantity of leads as well as provide more value to attendees, sponsors and show organizers alike.

Show organizers, you all are truly the unsung heroes of events. As soon as one event is over the process of finding companies to rent exhibit space to starts all over again. The grind doesn’t really go away, right? The only two reasons for this churn would have to be either: those companies are no longer in business or the cost of the show hasn’t yielded enough new business to justify going again.

I have yet to go to a trade show where I can honestly say the foot traffic is sparse. So, for non-returning exhibitors, the issue must either be that there aren’t enough of their ideal customers at the show or their staff isn’t collecting enough leads that will result in business.

Offering trade show training as part a company’s exhibitor package ensures that every company has the option to guarantee their event gets the leads that will make the investment worth it. If viewing pre-show staff training as an insurance policy, it’s the best chance businesses have to get more transparency and accountability for the show’s success. 

Not every exhibiting company is going to want staff training or feel like they need it (just like not everyone is going to think they want or need a personal trainer, or believe they need extra training to prepare for a marathon), but getting that extra individualized attention and practice has a compounding effect. And it’s a means to an end: you train so that your ultimate goal (finishing a marathon, outperforming all the other booths around you, etc.) is realized.

Additionally, for attendees, it works because they will want to come back if they enjoyed the show. For an attendee, this means finding what they came to the show for and having a pleasant experience overall. The difference is so stark between a trade show where booth staff keep to themselves and look at their phones most of the time to lively, engaging, friendly staff who are asking good questions and setting clear next steps with attendees that fit their customer profile.

It’s even good for the exhibitors that don’t get training that year because nothing is more convincing than seeing something firsthand. The Trade Show Stars will have more people consistently at their booths and have a better time doing it. Once other booths realize they’re not baking cookies to lure people over or renting a celebrity for the day, or hiring professional models, that the secret sauce is in the training, more companies will ask about it.

Let’s change the trade show experience for everyone. Let’s have less insipid flashiness and more thoughtful, engaging conversations.


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