Dec 10, 2019
Wondering how to improve your trade show planning? Use these three tips to throw an event that drives interaction between exhibitors and attendees. On the surface, trade show planning looks easier to do than organizing other types of events. Take SpinGo’s “20 Powerful Stats on the Value of Trade Shows and Expos.” The numbers make it look like exhibitors and attendees can’t wait to meet each other: 88% of exhibitors want to raise brand awareness. 72% of exhibitors want new sales leads. 92% of attendees want to see new products (81% have buying authority). But two troubling stats haunt… more
Dec 05, 2019
Managing an event can feel like a cat rodeo, with huge groups of people headed every which way and different things on their minds. It’s easy to become frustrated when attendees do not do what we want them to do. Event planners predict behaviors based on activity history, then use those projections for forecasting and budgeting. When the target audience does not “behave” as projected, it can impact the success of the event. Don’t sit by and watch. Here are nine actions you can take to achieve desired behaviors.  9. Master Segmentation to Help Your Audience Hear You Audience segmentation… more
Dec 03, 2019
The year 2019 is drawing to a close, so get ready to enter “The 20s”! As we enter this new decade, the world seems to have become less stable and more disrupted in many aspects of life — in politics, in tech, in societies and in business. As every year, UFI has been tracking developments in the exhibitions (and events) industry around the world at our own events, in numerous conversations and through many other channels. Here are our five trends that leaders in exhibitions and events in 2020 should all be watching out for: 1. Peak Globalization? The growth of the global economy is slowing… more
Nov 27, 2019
Every year, numerous trade shows take place around the world, allowing businesses to get in front of and try to appeal to an audience. When someone attends an event like this, though, what is going to make them stop at a certain booth? What kind of display will catch their eye? What will they get if they come over to learn more about a product/service? Those who are setting up booths at trade shows need to provide incentives like the following: Free Swag Of course, swag is a go-to option for booths, since everyone loves freebies! Don’t just get random tchotchkes, though, and instead, opt… more
Nov 25, 2019
I get asked these questions on a regular basis: How can you prove that there is value in all the money spent during a trade show? How does that stack up to e-mail, content and pay-per-click marketing? Is it even worth it to go to the show? Many just assume that the answer is no.  It’s easy to assume that when you have myriad data points provided by your marketing stack vendors on click-through rates, SEO ranking and marketing material requests, that you are getting a better value from that spend. This is especially easy to do when you have a tight budget that must cover your trade show spend… more
Nov 21, 2019
As an event manager, your job is to ensure that the conferences and trade shows you run are as memorable as possible for attendees. What better way to achieve that than by leveraging some of the most advanced, cutting-edge event technologies on the market? Here are just a few to start.  An executive dials into the office from his or her hotel room halfway around the world, inhabiting a remote-controlled device that allows them to move and interact as if they were there. An advisor on his or her way to an important meeting displays directions right in front of his eyes using a pair of… more
Nov 20, 2019
Social media success involves more than having tons of followers and likes. Significant reach and impressions can be vital ingredients to your social media soup. However, the ultimate test of your efforts comes down to driving brand loyalty, lead generation and, ultimately, customers. Here are the most vital stats for measuring the efficacy of your social media management. Engagement You may have thousands of followers, but are they qualified fans of your business? Is your follower base full of active social users, or is it loaded with fake or delinquent accounts? Do your followers… more
Nov 13, 2019
The event industry has a problem. Thousands of bright-eyed, enthusiastic and talented new staff join our great companies each year and throw themselves into the fast-paced world of event delivery. Then they leave.  Sure, a good number move on to greater things in the same company, but research suggests that the U.S. trade show industry is losing over $1 billion per year down a black hole of mid-level vacancies that really should be filled by developing and retaining the employees they already have. As staff (and Millennials and Gen Z in particular) pack up their bags to join a competitor or… more
Nov 12, 2019
Trade shows are the best face-to-face sales and marketing venues in the world. Thousands of current clients and future prospects are gathered in one place, and they’re all focused on industry-wide problems that your company solves. The sales and marketing activity doesn’t have to stop when the show floor closes, however.   Hospitality suites and customer events represent a largely untapped opportunity. Everyone is going to eat dinner, go out for drinks and probably seek some kind of entertainment – why shouldn’t your best clients and prospects do that with your sales team? Whether you’re… more
Nov 07, 2019
Since 2014, the Urgent Care Association of America manages over 1,200 exhibiting companies for their annual UCAOA Urgent Care Convention & Expo. I had the chance to sit down with Jackie Stasch, Senior Manager of Corporate Relations at UCAOA and an expo sales expert, to learn her secrets for successfully selling booth space and sponsorship opportunities. Here are Jackie’s 7 Tips for Expo Sales Success: 1. Create Opportunities That Sell Themselves Jackie says: “Make sure you upload good images and provide a solid description – You don’t need to send out 27 emails to sell an opportunity… more

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From apps to chatbots to completely redesigned meeting spaces, technology is revolutionizing how events are planned, executed and experienced. It’s now at the core of most successful events and, ultimately, is instrumental in helping attendees forge meaningful connections and gain insight. The opportunities to create truly impactful experiences will only increase with the rise of “all-in-one” tech tools and the introduction of 5G internet.