Nov 15, 2018
Chad Frank is Vice President Sales, Event Solutions for SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals. Chad is an innovative sales professional and leader known for thinking “outside of the box” as well as his strong customer service and relationship skills. Like all technology, helping staff learn how to use event technology and benefit from its performance features is essential to deriving a high return on that investment. Regardless of the fact that event technology is rented and used for a short term (the duration of the trade show or conference), it is still important to properly… more
Nov 08, 2018
For more than 25 years I have worked in the trade show sales and management industry. In that time, I have sold and managed well over 150 events in more than 20 countries on six continents and seen both incredible successes and epic failures by exhibitors. I thought I would share some best practices that I have observed and heard over the years from exhibitors and industry colleagues.   If your company is deliberate in trade show planning, goal setting, execution and post-show lead follow-up, your exhibits program should be very successful. If you aren’t deliberate and proactive, then there… more
Nov 06, 2018
We are certainly living in an interesting time, especially when it comes to connecting people to products on the trade show floor. By nature, human beings need to feel part of something bigger, engaged with our surroundings, communities, nature and products. This physical engagement enhanced by technology in the tradeshow environment can have an enormous impact on how attendees experience a brand. It can result in a lifelong relationship of loyalty, awareness and trust toward that brand. A recent study from Bizzabo shows that most trade show marketers see ROI from events that utilize… more
Nov 01, 2018
When exhibiting at trade shows, vendors take pride in their products and booth design. The same can be said of the venues in which vendors choose to exhibit. As an exhibitor, there are many costs associated with proudly displaying your items at a show, meaning that it’s important for the venues to also reflect that same pride in their facility. No matter how carefully a facility is set up, unattractive flooring, whether carpet or concrete, can send a subtle signal of “we don’t really care.”  Few floors endure the level of punishment of a trade show facility or convention center, yet often… more
Oct 30, 2018
Attacks on soft targets such as nightclubs, shopping districts and sports stadiums have become an all-too-common occurrence around the world. The recent gaming tournament tragedy in Jacksonville, Florida has shed new light on event and trade show security, prompting facilities managers to reevaluate physical security processes, technology and implementation. While most large venues have security procedures in place, these procedures typically encompass base-level protection through a combination of metal detectors, guards, manual bag checks and hand wands. To combat the new threat landscape… more
Oct 25, 2018
Melissa Goodman, American Urological Association (AUA) Programs Manager and her team member, Erin Nichols, wanted a better way to track learner retention at their Annual Meeting. They wanted to set up benchmarks that determine learner knowledge before, during and after each session. Why track learner knowledge, retention and outcomes? Before we get to the details, let’s first tackle why Goodman and Nichols wanted to track learner knowledge and retention. Needs Assessment The first reason they want to track learner outcomes is to identify gaps in knowledge and retention. This allows AUA to… more
Oct 23, 2018
The rule of seven is one of the founding concepts of marketing. The principle states that a message must be received at least seven times before it really sinks in and drives the recipient to take action. In alignment with this rule, Out of Home advertising is designed to reach people in multiple, organic ways throughout their day. Similarly, trade shows implement the rule when delivering multiple messages to event audiences. When combining digital marketing tactics with Out of Home media for trade shows, the desired seven messages can be delivered in dynamic ways. Successful trade show… more
Oct 18, 2018
No. 6  “Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick any two.” vs. Value  In project management, there is a tool known as “the project management triangle.” This triangle is used to show the opposition encountered between a project’s quality, time and cost. The project management triangle’s meaning is very easily understood when it occasionally shows up on a succinct office sign that says, “Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick any two.” I saw this sign the first time — almost 20 years ago — and will admit to having one permanently hanging in my office. It’s a great reminder of one of the inevitable glitches of managing… more
Oct 16, 2018
One of the most important factors for success at a trade show is making sure you reach the right people in the room. Statistics show that upwards of  80 percent of trade show attendees have buying power– but not everyone will be in the market for your particular product or service. So, how do you make sure you’re attracting the right visitors to your booth? There’s a lot you can do before a trade show to help ensure the buyers you want show up, but one of the best tactics is to target them in your pre-show marketing efforts. Here are five steps to help you get started:   Segment your guest… more
Oct 11, 2018
With so much color, noise and evolution in the event tech landscape, it is sometimes a challenge to answer the question of “how can I get my stakeholders to buy the ticket and take the ride.” Yes, it is true that “If you build it, some people will come,” however early adopters and innovators do not represent the bell curve that is often required for event technology to be truly impactful. As such, here are six simple steps to consider when you are looking to encourage technology adoption at your event.   1. Align Event Tech with the Objectives of Attendees and Stake Holders The success of… more