Jul 31, 2019
Imagine you’re managing a team of sales reps attending one of the largest conferences in the world. Now imagine that you can stay back at the office and see the meetings that each sales rep has scheduled, where the meetings are located, and you won’t have to chase down your team members to update everything post-event. Sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it? We all know that the reality of managing meetings while attending or sponsoring conferences and trade shows means spreadsheets on spreadsheets on spreadsheets. You need your spreadsheets so you have some semblance of organization heading into… more
Jul 29, 2019
Like any great band, a client and their experiential agency need to work in unison to create impactful immersive experiences for their event guests. The players need to know the setlist, the right grooves, what to be careful of and how to crowd surf in the mosh pit. Okay, maybe there’s no mosh pit, but certainly, the team needs to know how to work the room.  “I’ve said this over and over again, but I love being in a band.” – Ringo Starr Step one: work as a team. There should be no delineation between the client and the agency team. Have you ever seen a guitar string break while a band is… more
Jul 23, 2019
The frequency and intensity of disasters are increasing, from mighty hurricanes hurling through warm ocean waters, to shifting tectonic plates that build earthquakes, to atmospheric weather patterns that create wide-scale floods. Through it all, critical operations need to be up and running for our communities, companies, survivors and families.  Field Innovation Team’s Disaster Simulation Labs use a process called “design thinking” to help emergency preparedness teams better understand the problems they need to solve, identify whom they are solving them for and why, and prototype how they… more
Jul 22, 2019
You can essentially tell Facebook, “Hey, here are all the people who have registered for my event already — go out and find more of them, please!” Event planners invest blood, sweat and a lot of tears into producing successful events, yet most are missing one key element to achieving amazing results. This element is being used to sell millions of products and services across the world in other industries, but is often ignored within the event planning community. The one thing missing? A correctly set up Facebook Pixel on event landing pages and websites. Facebook Pixel is a small piece… more
Jul 17, 2019
Trade shows, expos, fairs, fundraisers, you name it – events are changing and integrating new technologies to make the experience more engaging and interactive for participants. Event planners are working hard to improve the guest experience and make visits memorable and engaging. But time and attention are limited, and finding the right mix of tech can be a challenge.  Technology serves an important role in the success of events but must be user-friendly and complement the event’s goal. If the time and effort to use certain tools outweighs the value, it can overwhelm visitors.  Below are… more
Jul 15, 2019
A lot of time and money go into your exhibit. But are you doing everything you can before the show to ensure your show presence earns a return on investment? A majority of attendees already have a list of what booths to visit, so you have to ensure that your target market knows that you will be there and what you have to offer them. Effective pre-show marketing will help draw traffic to your booth, as well as maximize the qualified leads you gather at each event. Choosing Promotional Outlets  Email and Social Social media and email marketing form the backbone of most exhibitors’ pre-show… more
Jul 11, 2019
As we bask in warmer weather, it’s time to plan the perfect outdoor event experience to impress and engage attendees. This summer, it’s important to incorporate fresh trends and make your event unique and unforgettable. This season, think sustainability and go organic with a botanical theme, or infuse industrial chic furnishings for a modern look that embraces casual sophistication and an environmentally friendly atmosphere.  Environmentally Friendly  Consumers are increasingly aware of their impact on the world. Think about how you can plan events that are zero-waste or waste-reduced to… more
Jul 08, 2019
You’ve chosen your city and now need to schedule a visit to meet important contacts at your venue and start planning your event. From working on events of all sizes in my previous career, and now as senior manager of operations for CES, I’ve learned many critical pieces of knowledge along the way. Here are some tips that have worked best for me. Determine a date for your site visit. Six to eight months out, work with your facility contact to decide on timing and think through the vendors you will want to meet. Who will have a large role in special areas on the show floor? Who will you be… more
Jul 01, 2019
The Experiential Marketing Summit provides educational opportunities from some of the world’s leading brands including Pepsi, General Mills, IBM and dozens more. This past May, over 1700 marketers descended upon Las Vegas to experience the world’s largest conference on experiential marketing… and I was fortunate to be one of them. Here are 4 tips that I picked up on and I hope you find useful. Tip 1: Movement Will Always Grab Your Attention I’ve seen quite a few exhibits over the past 10 years working at The Expo Group and one thing remains constant no matter the event or the size of the… more
Jun 27, 2019
If you want to have a successful event, you must include a social media campaign. Start with a focused strategy that targets who you want to come to your event, who is actually going to your event, and who wishes they came and will attend next time. One thing you can be certain of – everyone has a phone. Make sure they are all talking about your event. Get started by breaking down your social media event strategy into three parts: before, during and after. Before the event Build anticipation to get everyone excited about your event. Tease them with sneak peeks. Hold “reveals” for key… more