Oct 01, 2019
Trade show prep is exhausting as you scramble to get swag ordered, booth materials packed and meetings set. One task you don’t want to forget about in the midst of all that is creating content. The right piece of content is a great resource that you can use to drive brand impressions with attendees during the event—using a QR code or the like—or after, with value-based follow-up emails. Ultimately, the right content allows you to engage attendees during and after the show in service of driving leads and sales. Consider the following pieces of content and how they can fit into your trade show… more
Sep 26, 2019
This is the first article in a two-part series. Trade shows continue to be good places to build buzz and impress decision-makers. But do all trade show appearances generate the returns needed to make the trip worthwhile? The Consumer Electronics Show works because it’s an “in” place for seeing products and being seen. Its success is due partly to serving such a niche audience (and the fact that it’s held in Las Vegas doesn’t hurt). Decision-makers and influencers attend CES to raise their brand’s profile and share their prophetic vision of the market’s future needs. CES continues to… more
Sep 24, 2019
If your company or association is attending a trade show or hosting a conference, you’re probably thinking about the swag you want to give to attendees. While it may seem like the easiest box to check off your list, your event swag says a lot about your business!  The quality of your swag reflects your brand. And since attendees are inundated with free giveaways everywhere they go, it’s important to choose standout tchotchkesthat lure attendees to your booth. Your company-branded swag may be the only thing that can draw potential clients to a booth for a conversation and trigger a memory of… more
Sep 19, 2019
If you’re new to exhibiting and unfamiliar with the different lead retrieval solutions on the market today, you might be tempted to rent the system provided by the trade show instead of purchasing your own. While that may seem like the simplest and most convenient option, you might not realize how this path of least resistance could end up negatively impacting your ability to capture quality leads – and your bottom line.  Let’s examine some of the pitfalls of renting a show-provided lead retrieval system and why purchasing an independent solution is your best bet. A One-Size-Fits-All… more
Sep 17, 2019
Have you optimized your booth’s walk-by experience? When trade show attendees walk by your booth or display, it only takes them an instant to decide if your booth is interesting. This instant impression, sometimes called a thin slice, can make or break the success of your exhibition. In order to have a good instant impression, you need two things: To get people’s attention To communicate value Getting Attention You may notice that the lion’s share of foot traffic at trade shows typically goes to those who can command attention. If you’re not naturally gifted with magnetism though, don’t… more
Sep 12, 2019
Nineteenth-century U.S. merchant and marketing pioneer John Wanamaker observed: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”  Many event organizers identify with Wanamaker when it comes to event data. They know their data is telling them something, they’re just not sure what that something is. And they’re not certain how to harness their data to more closely monitor the lifeblood of their trade show: qualified attendance growth.  Fortunately, today’s organizers have more data tools and strategies than Wanamaker did and, by following these steps… more
Sep 10, 2019
Should event planners consider AV as a primary planning item at the very outset of their next? We think they should.  As we wrote in Part One of this two-part series, AV planning can help nail down budgets and establish how the production will meet corporate objectives. We first covered attendee numbers, room size and how AV companies cost out their equipment. Now, we’ll dive further into logistics, what you’re actually buying and the seven elemental questions to answer prior to meeting with an AV pro.  Access, Logistics & Power   So, with the space requirements, objectives and… more
Sep 05, 2019
Most trade show booth traffic is “passive.”People passing the booth recognize the company name and look to see “what’s new.”Others recognize the equipment on display and decide they want to learn more. Exhibitors who rely on passive traffic alone, however, miss out on a huge number of qualified prospects who simply don’t “see” their booth or actively choose to ignore it.  Expert exhibitors know maximizing the number of qualified leads they get from each show means actively attracting traffic to their booth and enticing qualified buyers into the booth to meet the booth team. So how do you… more
Sep 03, 2019
Experiential marketing is one of event planning’s hottest trends right now. According to the site Statista, 74 percent of consumers said they were more likely to purchase products promoted by events, and 93 percent of them claimed that live events had a larger influence on them than TV ads. But experiential marketing can be expensive. Take these 10 steps to secure stakeholder buy-in and support.  1. Set an Appointment to Ensure All Decision Makers Are Present  Don’t catch your stakeholders in the hallway and hope to “put a bug in their ear.” Make sure all decision-makers are present in your… more
Aug 29, 2019
With all the logistics you have to manage for your company’s trade show program, you might feel justified in skipping trade show promotional activities. But that would be like planning a party, and not sending out all the invitations. Sure, the show organizer will get people to the showfloor. But it’s up to you to get them to your booth space. Here are seven reasons why trade show promotional activities are so worth your effort: 1. They attract more booth traffic As attendees wander down the aisles, their eyes are bombarded by structures, images and words from all sides. What wins in that… more

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From apps to chatbots to completely redesigned meeting spaces, technology is revolutionizing how events are planned, executed and experienced. It’s now at the core of most successful events and, ultimately, is instrumental in helping attendees forge meaningful connections and gain insight. The opportunities to create truly impactful experiences will only increase with the rise of “all-in-one” tech tools and the introduction of 5G internet.