Jan 02, 2019
Post-trade show planning often gets overlooked, but I’m here to argue that your follow-up strategy is just as important as pre-show promotion and on-site preparation. It’s important to spend as much time — if not more time — on your post-event strategy because that’s when a key phase of connecting with your attendees begins: the follow-up. A strong, clean list is the first thing you will need to build your post-show plan and target future prospects. So, gathering your booth visitors’ basic contact information during the trade show, as well as more granular data such as interactions and… more
Dec 18, 2018
If you’ve been to a trade show, you’ll know that they can be something of a labyrinth that everyone is trying to navigate in their own way. There’s booth after booth, buzzwords galore and you’ll collect a thousand business cards that need to be sorted and emailed once you get back to work. Often, you’ll email those people without a clue who they are, and you never get a response anyway. So, how do you make sure that you are meeting the relevant people and that you make a lasting impression for them? How to Create an Eye-Catching Booth Your booth is where you’re going to attract most people… more
Dec 13, 2018
Exhibitors and sponsors invest significant resources – financial and human capital – to make their presence at leading trade shows and conferences a success. In fact, event marketing budgets are on the rise as evidenced by a Bizzaboo “Event Marketing 2018: Benchmarks and Trends” report that found that 63 percent of marketers plan on making higher investments in their event, both in terms of dollars spent and number of events in which they exhibit.  One area where event budgets are growing is event technology. For instance, Bizzaboo research suggests that $50 million was invested in 2017 for… more
Dec 11, 2018
You’ve spent months, maybe even years, planning your next big conference or event. It’s one of your organization’s most significant milestones this year and also, a big opportunity to generate earned press coverage. If you want to leverage the media and PR opportunities that trade shows and events provide, make sure to do these three things.  Think Local In the past six years, my agency has managed public relations for more than 80 conferences and events hosted by Experience Grand Rapids. While the majority of these meetings and groups hosted were from outside of the Grand Rapids region,… more
Dec 06, 2018
For many larger, tech-savvy companies and event venues, when a software need arises, a similar discussion takes place: is this something we can build and maintain ourselves, or better to invest in a third-party system to meet the need?  The market for event management software - spanning everything from venue management to ticketing, analytics, marketing and more - is growing at a phenomenal rate, and a recent report estimates the market to be worth 11.06 billion by 2020.  In this piece, I’ll break down some advantages and disadvantages of each side of the buy vs. build discussion, with a… more
Dec 04, 2018
Traditional seminar spaces are a thing of the past. Replacing them are engaging, tech-enabled, bespoke spaces that are beautiful, functional and sharable. Events should feel tailored to each attendee and excite from start to finish. By rethinking what each attendee needs from your seminar space, utilizing tech-enabled furniture and understanding the need for collaboration, you can create a space that feels daring, yet completely practical.  Use these tips to create a fresh and engaging space that works for your client and your attendee.  Connect to Tech: The best technology integrates what’… more
Nov 30, 2018
All trade shows, conferences and other events primarily exist for one reason: to allow the opportunity for face-to-face selling between attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Of course, there are other reasons for events, such as education, but a trade show is its own ecosystem and its goal is to have growth with the perfect balance of qualified attendees and exhibitors. For the purposes of this article, the word “exhibitors” also includes sponsors. How do I increase my event attendance on a consistent basis? Take a look at the four key selling points that are outlined below and you might find… more
Nov 27, 2018
In my first article, we discussed Goal Setting, Booth Design and Pre-show Marketing, which will all lay the foundation for your next trade show. Whether it is one, two, three or four days long, there is work to do. At the very least, companies are spending at least $10,000 to exhibit at a show and for the largest shows, larger companies will spend well over $1 million. That $10,000 investment to one company may be a much bigger spend to that company than the $1 million is to another. In any case, execution and ROI are vital. Therefore, the hours on the show floor and even before and after… more
Nov 26, 2018
When the event is over and you’re basking in the glow of success, nothing can put a damper on your hard work quite like seeing the post-event pile: huge stacks of leftover or discarded handouts and publications, bins full of packaging odds and ends, boxes full of promotional items that can’t be used again. The accumulation of trash after a typical event not only affects the environment but also your bottom line (more dumpster rentals = more costs!).  Reducing event waste isn’t a one-step quick fix, however. To be most effective, you need a collaborative experience that gets everyone… more
Nov 20, 2018
#7.  Fudge your trade show exhibiting show deadlines. We all know people who procrastinate. And sometimes, the enemy is us! One of my favorite old country-western songs talks about “living my life one step ahead of behind.”  And, with more and more time poverty in our lives, even if you don’t procrastinate, you can still get “behinder and behinder.” Some days I feel like I’m meeting myself coming around the other end! Building some spare time into your show timeline will give you a little cushion between when you originally planned on having a show task done and when it will really happen… more