Sep 03, 2012
As anyone who is familiar with the event industry knows, the recession has been tough on our business in more ways than one. And, even with more people attending events recently, there still are pressures on the industry, especially in light of overspending by government agencies that has resulted in calls for travel to be severely restricted, the U.S. economy and unemployment rate is not exactly on sure footing and the global economy also has its problems. So, it was with complete and utter shock that I started seeing a series of Tweets going out by a virtual event company called ON24 with… more
Aug 29, 2012
I was recently at the Disney parks and the atmosphere and genuine happiness made me think – wouldn’t it be nice if my trade show can run like this? So let’s see if we can take away any insight from the Happiest Place on Earth for our next trade show. 1. It is all about the experience. Disney is set up where everything, and I mean everything, is about having the greatest experience possible. Whether you are waiting in line for a ride, or waiting in line to buy food, or waiting in line to purchase something, you still feel like you are experiencing Disney. Every section of… more
Aug 29, 2012
Attending a multiday association conference (or other event) can be inspirational and chalked full of education.  There is a lot of industry information. Some of the best networking around. Tons of good food. Beneficial investment of time and fun, fun, fun!!! It can also be exhausting. The long days followed by the happy-hours and other parties can leave anyone feeling the pain once they get home. Plus, being out of the office all week can leave you with a full e-mail inbox and a to-do list a mile long. Yet, to maximize the ROI from attending the event, there are a few things you… more
Aug 25, 2012
He sure looked like a perfectly good prospect. He had the right color badge. He works at a company that is in the right vertical market and the right size. And your uncanny booth staffing sixth sense told you he even had an approved budget for your product. Yet with barely a glance he sailed right on past your booth. So why didn’t he drop anchor?  Perhaps for one or more of these eight reasons: Your booth looked too boring. Like too many other exhibitors, your trade show booth has dull colors, too much text, and too many small images. Your benefit… more
Aug 16, 2012
The hottest thing on the Web right now (and there’s always a hottest thing, right?) is Pinterest. It has been reported that Pinterest is currently driving more business referrals than the top few social media sites and for most businesses, it simply came out of nowhere. The Pinterest model is certainly nothing complicated. As you navigate your daily web activities you post images to a board using the “pin it” button or upload from a computer or smart phone. You have to request an invitation to Pinterest or be invited by someone who’s already a member. Once registered… more
Aug 10, 2012
You can do everything right in the preparation and execution of your show, but the wrong Master of Ceremonies can undermine the whole vibe. It goes without saying that if your host is awful or says something inappropriate he or she will hurt the event. But it is also a problem if the person who controls the flow of the general sessions is just blah. The Emcee (and every speaker and panelist) sets the tone for everything that happens at the conference.  Too often, the selection for who will be center stage is an executive or board member of the company or organization that is the… more
Aug 04, 2012
I smell an analogy. The similarities between athletes competing in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and one company’s program to train conference and tradeshow attendees to deliver peak performances are compelling. Did I mention the company is based in the U.K. where the games are taking place this week? Actually, the link between peak attendee performance and Olympic-level athletic achievement is by design, according to the Founder of Meetings Mindset, Jonathan Bradshaw. “For athletes, optimal performance requires accessing a certain state of mind aided by the appropriate foods,… more
Aug 04, 2012
As an event professional, you probably have a few tips and tricks to surviving a large amount of travel. My trick is to not leave home without my iPhone and iPad. Basically, they’re the electronic Swiss army knife that can provide immediate information or entertain me while on a flight or in the taxi. There are plenty of hi-tech options to improve your traveling experience, but the question is – what’s better, Websites formatted for mobile devices or apps? Here is my opinion on these simple and portable technologies: Mobile sites are best for quick updates on information… more
Jul 29, 2012
If you haven't been reading or seeing this new thing called 'augmented reality', let me first introduce it.  The idea is to have graphics and other auditory or sensory environments superimposed on a real world (kind of like in the movie Minority Report). There are a few cool players in the market, as well as Google with their Google glasses.  First is Aurasma, which provides a free app for a virtual browser. If you watch their video, they take a tablet or smartphone, and if the Aurasma icon is in the corner, and you have the app on your smartphone or tablet, it… more
Jul 29, 2012
What’s the first question to ask when you are exhibiting at trade shows? That’s a good question. There are many important questions you and your team can ask when preparing for your trade show program: Which shows should we exhibit at? How big a booth space do we take? What color should we put on our trade show exhibit graphics? Should we invite attendees with an email, a direct mail piece, or both? What giveaways should we buy? What clothes should our staffers wear? Where in the show hall is the best place to put our exhibit… more