Jul 19, 2018
In today’s post 9/11 world, event security has become a top concern for event planners. All types of events can be vulnerable to security threats, no matter the size of the event or the location. Event organizers must always be thinking about the best ways to implement security at events in order to keep their attendees safe. Here are some key points to consider when creating a security plan for your next event: Provide safety and security training for event staff – Staff that have been previously trained in safety and security measures are better equipped to identify and react in the case… more
Jul 17, 2018
There's no question live events have the power to engage. But it takes a lot more than showing up in a pretty booth, dressed to sell, flashing a welcoming smile to make an event an ROI success. There are many moving parts to coordinate to encourage visits to your booth/presentation: When and how to reach out before the event What to do during the event to differentiate your presence from others, attract attendees and make their visit memorable When and how to keep reaching out to keep visitors on the path toward a purchase  It boils down to content marketing for generating brand awareness… more
Jul 12, 2018
Let’s first state the obvious: a lot, and I mean a lot, goes into planning and executing an event. No one knows this better than you. But what about when the event is over?  If you’ve put money and effort into capturing your event (or at least major portions of it), you now have a virtual treasure trove of video. Yes, it’s going to take some effort to maximize its value. But fortunately for you, lots of companies and organizations have been generating revenue from their event video for some time now. That means we have ample insights, anecdotes, and data on how event video can make you money… more
Jul 10, 2018
Here they come! The keynote speech is over and everyone is spilling onto the exhibit floor. But how do you sort through the throngs and engage your best prospects, those people who can really benefit from what you are selling?  Let’s say a couple of people are approaching your booth and slowing down to see what you have to offer. It’s up to your booth staff to engage them in conversation and find out what they are looking for. But what’s the best way to start?  You might try any of the following sample engagement techniques, outlined by Natural Training in their blog article, Eight… more
Jul 05, 2018
If one element is inarguably the make-or-break of your trade show, it’s your staff. Smart staffing choices are the difference between trade shows that run smoothly and events that flop. One or two people taking on too many responsibilities easily becomes your Achilles’ heel. More than half of event creators envision themselves throwing additional events this year but only 38 percent plan to expand their events teams, according to Eventbrite’s survey of event professionals. Budget, time and energy constraints hit underachieving teams particularly hard, resulting in events that are weakly… more
Jul 03, 2018
Apps are the hot new way to communicate with your event attendees. In fact, many attendees have grown so accustomed to seeking information from apps that they expect your event to have one. But how can you tell if your app is truly successful at engaging their attention? And how can you improve it to deliver the results you want? By studying the analytics – or history of usage – within your app, you can get a clearer picture of whether or not and how well your app performs. With this valuable data, you can then make smarter decisions about how to design your app for maximum adoption and… more
Jun 28, 2018
As any experienced trade show practitioner can tell you, not all trade show attendees are the same. Attendees amble about and visit exhibits for a variety of reasons. So understanding the behaviors and motivations of different types of trade show attendees – and knowing which kinds you want to attract to your exhibit – is vital to maximizing the effectiveness of your trade show marketing efforts. Otherwise, your exhibit won’t capture as many leads as it could. So what exactly are the different types of trade show attendees? To answer that question, it’s helpful to look at the marketing… more
Jun 26, 2018
If you combine the concepts of a “tribe” – a group of like-minded individuals who make up a community – and marketing, you create a powerful tool that deeply connects with your customer base and transcends your brand.  However, the tribal marketing approach is more of an art than a science. Here are four top tips for delivering relatable services to appeal to your chosen audience. Identify and conquer Before you can identify with a tribe, you must first classify your niche and define your brand position. This helps you understand who your audience is, their values and how you’re most… more
Jun 25, 2018
Events are a fantastic way to create buzz for your organization, so when the time comes to plan, make sure your exhibit has the “wow” factor to pull everybody in.  Custom-built exhibits look impressive but can rack up the costs if you’re not mindful. Once you factor in design time, production, shipping, labor and waste, you’re dinging your budget and the environment. With some strategy and imagination, though, you can create an immersive, custom booth experience that excites attendees while still being environmentally conscious.  Challenge your team Get your team and vendors to rise to the… more
Jun 21, 2018
Show organizers, you all are truly the unsung heroes of events. As soon as one event is over the process of finding companies to rent exhibit space to starts all over again. The grind doesn’t really go away, right? The only two reasons for this churn would have to be either: those companies are no longer in business or the cost of the show hasn’t yielded enough new business to justify going again. I have yet to go to a trade show where I can honestly say the foot traffic is sparse. So, for non-returning exhibitors, the issue must either be that there aren’t enough of their ideal customers at… more