Mar 18, 2012
It started with a tweet: “Connect to #Badgeless2012, FB and the Web” At first, I thought that “Badgeless” might be referring to a technology that allowed event participants to interact with one another without using the square 3 x 4” piece of paper dangling from a string that we refer to as a badge. I was wrong. A subsequent Twitter exchange with Chris Heuer, the founder of the global Social Media Club organization and member of the Badgeless Group at SXSWi, revealed so much more: Badgeless is an organized movement of individuals… more
Mar 10, 2012
Hidden rules govern almost every area of our lives. They guide our behavior and expectations, yet are rarely written down for us in neat little books. For example, there’s the 5 Second Rule:  When a piece of food falls on the floor, you can eat it if you pick it up within five seconds. There’s the High Heel Rule: if a woman is taller than her date, she is less likely to wear high heels. And there’s the Full Moon Rule: On days with a full moon, there are more crimes committed and babies born. Uncover the 18 Hidden Rules of Trade Shows… more
Mar 01, 2012
A lot has changed during the past three years. Virtual Events, hybrid extensions of live events and perpetual (year-round) environments are becoming more mainstream. The platforms also have evolved - costs are coming down and the solutions are more flexible. These developments come at a time when associations in particular are revising their business models and looking for alternative content and education delivery systems. Forprofit groups are seeking ways to enhance and grow their live events. Even with all of the recent discussion and activity around virtual events, some individuals… more
Feb 26, 2012
When you are trying to be an agent of change in planning a conference or trade show (or any event) you will often run into those who are not willing to take risks. There is a lot of talk in the meetings industry about how to refresh events, but there is also resistance. The desire to shake up your program is often stifled by those with their own agenda or no ability to have a vision. It can often feel like you are running up hill in the mud. The experience is frustrating and lonely when you are a seeker, especially when you are not sure what you are looking to find.  I spoke to a planner… more
Feb 26, 2012
*Editor’s note – Mike’s blog on leads previously was published on Skyline Exhibits, but after a recent #Expochat Twitter discussion on the continuing issue of lead followup, this post is as timely as ever. If you think you are doing a great job following up on your leads, unfortunately, the visitors to your trade show exhibit may not agree. What you consider good lead fulfillment may look very different to them. In a blog post on her Trade Show Institute blog, Traci Brown tells a sorry tale about her visit to the AIBTM show, where she happily had… more
Feb 26, 2012
UPDATE - Tues. Feb. 28 - Breaking News - TSEA transfers members, assets to EACA --- more on TSNN HERE. I started hearing rumors a while ago about the possible fate of the Trade Show Exhibitors Association, most suggesting the organization was going to close its doors. I’ve been a journalist for a long time, and I firmly believe in two things about rumors: 1.) I would never, ever print one unless it was confirmed and 2.) Usually rumors don’t start in a vacuum – there tends to be something to them, although they might be a different version of what’s being spread around… more
Feb 16, 2012
First of all, I haven’t blogged on TSNN in too long of a time. As important as it is to stay connected to the community in this way, it seems like the hardest thing in the world to find time for. I’ll try harder. I’ve written on the trade show industry for seven years now. I started at Tradeshow Week in 2006 before coming to Trade Show News Network in 2010. During that time, I wrote about the go-go days, where shows were booming, mergers and acquisitions deals were happening every which way you turned and it seemed the sun couldn’t shine any brighter. The good… more
Feb 11, 2012
Many people dread having to make a presentation. However, there are many opportunities to speak or be on a panel discussion at trade shows and other conferences. Being on the stage is a great way to promote your products and services or to position yourself as an industry expert.  However, when you accept the responsibility to present, you are making a commitment to the audience that you will not suck.  We have all sat through those long monotone sessions at events where everyone is hoping for a fire drill. As much as you can benefit from being a speaker, you can also do damage to… more
Feb 05, 2012
You've seen him or her as you walk down the trade show aisle. You point him or her out to your colleagues, trying to not let him see you as you do. You let out a nervous laugh as you pass his/her trade show display -  what if they try to talk to you? He or she is "that guy(or gal)," and they're doing trade shows all wrong. Here are eight things you and the other trade show attendees are saying about "that guy": 1.  "Why did that guy/gal even come to the show?" They're typing on their computer, talking on their cell phone, texting on… more
Jan 26, 2012
Trade shows are not your whole job, just a part of it. You only do, at most, a few small shows a year, and you've got lots of other responsibilities to handle. So all this detail in our blog about doing trade shows better? You simply have no time for it all. But you still would like to boost your results – but only if the changes are simple and quick. So in that vein, here are five tips to help you - quickly - get more out of trade shows: ユ A large, clear message is easier to grasp, so make your next set of booth graphics colorful and easy to understand, with a benefit statement that will… more