Feb 01, 2018
The right speaker can help change an average conference or event into a memorable one. Approaching your speaker selection process with a purpose can lead to increased attendance, a more inspired audience and a higher profile for the event. You might think of a well-chosen guest speaker as the exclamation point to the content provided by your executives or presenters. Plus, the right speaker with proper motivation can help attract more attendees. Finding an Amazing, Magical Guest Speaker But how do you find this amazing, magical guest speaker? Before you start searching YouTube, you need to… more
Jan 30, 2018
Having just reviewed my numerous hotel and airline accounts, I was reminded of how much I traveled in 2017. Most of my trips were visiting and training clients, helping conduct booth sales or attending industry shows. Event professionals spend a great deal of time on the road to prepare for and attend their events. Over the years, I have developed a few ways to cope with life on the road. Hope these tips help you in 2018 and beyond! Staying Organized Along with all the various travel partner apps (airline, rail, hotel, etc.), the TripIt app is great for keeping all travel confirmations,… more
Jan 25, 2018
No matter how wonderful your exhibit or promotions, if you have booth staffers who are not paying attention you could lose more brand equity and sales than you realize. Yet, they can also do simple things to get you more attention than any exhibit ever could. Below are the nine things staffers can do to get you noticed. 1. Dress for the Occasion Your everyday khaki pants and company polo are okay but are not going to get anyone to take notice. Yet, coordinating your outfit to your brand or booth theme might stop people. Get solid dress shirts using a bright color in your brand, invest in… more
Jan 23, 2018
In this age of big data, it’s valuable to remember that reaching customers can be an art as well as a science. Which means we should use science to support our exhibit experiences. That’s why it’s helpful to read our report from 2014, The Generational Marketing Balancing Art: Now We Are Six. Even as the age groups in the report have grown older, a close read will provide insights for reaching today’s attendees at trade shows. From discussing the multiple generations, preferred media channels, generation-specific profiles and each one’s comfort with digital devices, you can find out how they… more
Jan 18, 2018
Want to get people’s attention? Stop relying on just one of their senses when planning your event. It makes…well, sense. Visual presentations alone are functional and can communicate your point, but only if the audience is receptive and willing to pay attention – a rarity indeed. A better strategy? Keep them riveted. London & Partners, coupled with CWT Meetings & Events, released a survey that included interviews with 600 event organizers. To really capture an attendee’s attention and make the event as memorable as possible, 78 percent of event planners recommended putting on… more
Jan 16, 2018
CES is the world’s largest technology show, if not the largest trade show across the globe. More than 170,000 industry professionals attended this year’s CES in Las Vegas for the annual unveiling of all the latest tech products, from voice-controlled smart homes to transparent trucks. They toss around fancy words like “futurism” and “pioneering thinkers” to describe world-changing innovations. Did we mention the Sony robot dog? While the show always impresses the average consumer, there is incredible new technology that can change the landscape of how you exhibit at your next show or how you… more
Jan 11, 2018
No. 5: Ask for a discount. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Discounts are everywhere in the trade show industry. But they aren’t always stamped with the word, “DISCOUNT!” in big red letters. When you’re working with your show vendors, always ask them how to obtain cost savings and the best value. They may offer discounts to new clients to incent you to try their services or have package deals, volume discounts for multiple shows or be willing to meet or beat other quotes you have solicited. Many exhibitors don’t bother to ask about vendor discounts and leave a lot of cash on the table just… more
Jan 09, 2018
Tech helps the brand experience world go around, from audio-visual solutions to the latest innovations in digital marketing. Tech is precise, mathematical and useful. It can be eye-catching and fun, too. But ultimately, tech is just part of the show organizer machine that powers event marketing and sponsorship. Stop the engines for one second. What if I told you event tech, at its best, can make shows more personal and create deeper connections between you or your sponsors and audiences? It seems counterintuitive but it’s true. Good tech makes events more human. Ready to put some octane… more
Jan 04, 2018
Social media isn’t just for sharing selfies or tweeting 140 characters anymore. We use it every day to stay connected to family and friends, read about current events, and feel included in events and stories from across the globe. Facebook has found a way to encourage user involvement with its new feature, Collaborative Stories. This recently launched feature is in addition to its already popular Stories function. Users of Facebook groups and Facebook events will be able to contribute to a story that will be visible only to other members of that group or event. Collaborative Stories shared… more
Jan 02, 2018
You’re either with the robots or you’re not with the robots – choose wisely. The robot revolution is coming and it will impact the event space. Well...maybe not in 2018, but there are certainly technology trends that event professionals should be aware of in their strategic planning for 2018 and beyond. To help organizers prepare for the future, we put together a blog series that will cover the top trends we’re seeing and insight on how to make the most of new technologies for your events. One of the top overall event tech trends we’re seeing for 2018 is engagement. But what does that mean… more