The 11th China (Beijing) International Industry Furnace Exhibition 2015

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China International Industrial Furnace (brief in CIIFE) is the best interactive platform of technical exchanges, trade negotiations, and communication jointly organized by Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd. and industry Authoritative associations. Sincere its foundation, CIIFE always adhere to standardized, high-quality operation of the market, keeping up with current industry trends, showcase the latest scientific and technological achievements of industrial furnaces industry, dedicated to build a broad platform for domestic and oversea enterprises trade exchanges and cooperation in the field of industrial furnace. At present, the overall level of China industrial furnace technology is still not high, and has a larger gap compared with foreign advanced level. Problems of furnace structure unreasonable, combustion device and combustion technology backwardness, low energy efficiency, serious environmental pollution, big loss of complementary energy, defect of detection and control equipment and so on seriously hindered the healthy long-term development of industrial furnace industry. Rely on well organization operating system, CIIFE integrates industry resources at home and abroad, helps enterprises improve and promote new clean combustion technology, optimizes fuel structure of industrial furnace, strengthens complementary energy recycling and resource recovery, develops whole cast and lightweight structural masonry, and improves control level of thermal detection, in order to achieve restructuring and upgrade of industrial furnace industry. After ten years of development and innovation, brand, specialization, and internationalization of CIIFE continuously improve. It gains high degree of recognition and full support from domestic and oversea enterprises and institutions. The 11th China International Industrial Furnace Exhibition is to be held from September 8 to 10 at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). Hundreds of exhibitors from different countries and areas will compete against at the platform and expected to attract thousands of visitors. Concurrent activities will be held, like domestic and oversea industrial furnace market forum, "One to One" supply and demand purchasing fair, energy efficient and clean-burning furnaces technology exchange, etc. which multi-angle display advanced technology, equipment and products, comprehensive analysis latest industry policies and market trends, deeply discuss future development of industrial furnace. CIIFE 2015 sincerely invites you to Beijing to create new opportunities of industrial furnace industry development!
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◆ Purchasing fields to be invited: metallurgy, (iron & steel, non-ferrous metals), forging, foundry, heat treatment / industrial furnace, machinery manufacturing (mold, basic pieces, Standard parts, gears, bearings) hardware, petrochemical, building materials, environmental protection, weapons, nuclear power, automotive, electricity, light industry, electronics, etc. ◆ Professionals of kinds of application fields will be invited, like general managers, managing directors, purchasing managers, research and development personnel for new products, quality supervising personnel, sales executives and dealers, experts and scholars of industry organizations and research institutions, etc.
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◆Kinds of high efficiency and energy saving industrial furnaces: used in industries of metallurgy(steel, nonferrous metals, foundry, forging, metal surface treatment), petrochemical industry, power industry、Building materials industry (glass, ceramics), Environmental protection industry (garbage burning) , Light industry, electronics, etc.; ◆Combustion equipment: combustion equipment and technology, high temperature air combustion, regenerative low nox burners, since the heat burner, high speed burner; ◆Refractory and heat insulation materials used for furnace: refractory and heat insulation material, industry ceramics, raw material products, castings and assist the furnace equipment and thermal insulation, stove insulation structure; ◆Waste heat recovery equipment of litter: Waste Heat Recovery and Environmental protection equipment of furnace litter, Regenerators, Cooler, furnace converter valve, etc.; ◆Industrial furnace mechanism: furnace transmission mechanism, action mechanism, furnace bottom roll, feeder, quenching furnace layout, etc.; ◆Furnace auxiliary equipment: atmosphere generated devices and related accessories, heating element, electric heating material, furnace fan, high temperature fan, energy saving fan, circulatory system and valve, vacuum generator and supervisory control equipment, new technology and equipment, technology and other related materials; ◆Instruments and automatic control system used for furnace: combustion control system, electric control system, PLC and industrial controller, PLF and industrial controller application, temperature measurement and control instrument, monitoring equipment; ◆Traders, technical consulting, planning, services and industry organizations.

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