The 11th China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition 2015

2015-09-08 - 2015-09-10
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◎ Why CIMIE2015? ◆ Expand reputation and extensive influence of enterprises in the industry ◆Seek for potential customers and get to know new cooperation partner ◆ Meet old customers and consolidate partnership ◆ Promote new products, new technology, new equipment, and increase brand awareness ◆ Get new orders through the exhibition ◆ Collect market information to understand new development trends of the market
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◆ Professional field and scope to be invited: metallurgy, (iron & steel, non-ferrous metals), machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, rail transportation, electricity, energy, shipbuilding, petroleum, petrochemical, municipal engineering, construction, hardware appliances, etc. ◆ Professionals of kinds of application fields will be invited, like general managers, managing directors, purchasing managers, research and development personnel for new products, quality supervising personnel, sales executives and dealers, experts and scholars of industry organizations and research institutions, etc.
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◆ Metallurgy (iron & steel, and non-ferrous metals) 1, technology and equipments: mining, smelting, continuous casting, rolling mill, rolling, roller, drawing, finishing operation, galvanize, tinning, colored coating, metallurgical furnace/kiln, heating equipment, casting, forging, weld, heat treatment, cooling equipment, metallurgy auxiliary machinery equipment and products, metallurgy raw material handing(ores, coke, and other auxiliary materials), plates(cold/hot coil, pickle sheet, galvanized sheet, color coated sheet, medium plate, cold roll hard coil, tin plate, silicon iron, etc.), strips(hot strip, cold-rolled steel strip, galvanized steel strip, precision strip steel), plate cutting/shearing equipment(cross cut , slitting shear), steel products numbering equipment, metal marker, ferroalloy production equipment, metal processing machines, metal structure manufacturing/processing/installation; 2, products, finished products and auxiliary things, iron & steel products, non-ferrous products, metal products, metallic structure products and kinds of applied materials, hardware products, carbon material and products, kinds of ferroalloy products, coating metallic material, metallurgy chemical agent, industry lubricant, metal processing oil, and lubricating materials, rust-resisting material, sealing material, kinds of metallurgy packaging and material equipment. ◆ Metallurgy testing equipment and automation: temperature measure instrument, thickness tester, width meter, speed tester, infrared analyzer, infrared radiation thermometer, nondestructive examination equipment, hardometer, metallographic analysis, chemical analysis instrument, heat engineering checking instrument, metallic material testing machine, sensor and speed changer, industrial computer, industrial TV, automatic control system, radio testing and automatic control device, data handling technology. ◆ Applied materials used for metallurgy thermal processing metallurgical, mechanical processing, material handling, power transmission, metallurgy bearings, reducer, cutting, weighing, lubrication, hydraulic, dust removal, surface treatment, lifting, electric, industrial furnace/kiln, burner, metal circular sawing machine, chamfering machines, grinding, polishing equipment, metallurgy saw blade, cutting, machinery, etc. ◆ Refractory materials: Raw materials and handling equipment, production processing technology and equipment, kinds of refractory material and refractory products. ◆ Metallurgy industry environmental protection technology & equipment, and design & consultancy service.

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