The 12th China (Shanghai) International Floor Industry Expo.2015

2015-11-18 - 2015-11-20
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Shanghai International Floor Industry Expo (China Floor Expo) is the most authoritative and influential trading expo in China. It attracts attentions of global floor industry. From real estate developers, architectural design institutes, traders to industry associations and international buyers, China Floor Expo is the best platform for you to understand the industry, develop the market, expand connections, consolidate brand status and display your products! The expo is the annual event that not be absent in floor industry !
Attendee information
Floor Construction Enterprises / Project Building Enterprises; Design Research Institutes / Product Developing Enterprises; Real Estate Developer / Contractor / Management; Manufacturer / Distribution agents / Wholesalers/ Retailers / Importers / Exporters; Government/Communal Facility Construction; Media.
Exhibitor information
Floor Material:curative agent, sealed tight agent; concrete sand treatment agent, water-proofing additive, retarder; acrylic acid, polyurethane, epoxy resin; pigment, mill base; steel fibre, etc. ◙ Floor System:epoxy self-leveling, cement based self-leveling, polymer mortar floor; polyurethane floor, polyurea anticorrosive floor, antistatic floor, terrazzo flooring, wear resistant flooring, steel fiber reinforced concrete floor; polyvinyl chloride (PVC), GEMP industrial floor (coil, sheet); elastic materials, plastic sports flooring, etc. ◙ Floor Machinery:laser concrete floor paving leveling device; concrete floor cleaning machine, cutting machine, trowelling machine; concrete agitating equipment; flat type vibration rammer, airless sprayer; shot-blasting machine, grinding machine, milling machine, cutting machine, mixer; expansion joint connecting piece, construction tools and other construction accessories, etc. ◙ Cleaning Equipments:washing machine, sweeping machine, carpet cleaning machines; hand push type sweeper, driving type electric sweeper, vacuum cleaners and other accessories, etc. ◙ Other:floor cleaning agent, maintenance agent and other curing materials.

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