140th Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show 2019

The Largest Show for the Retail Confectioner
2019-09-08 - 2019-09-10
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Trade Show Manager, Global CIF
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Darnell Ebener
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The Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show continues to focus of meeting the needs of retailers seeking retail, wholesale and manufacturing solutions within the Specialty Confectionery Industry.  From developments in equipment, raw materials, packaging designs, novelty items and industry legislation, the most comprehensive show dedicated to the retail confectioner is sure to be the one stop shop for all your confectioner needs.


Exhibitor information

Meet Our 2019 Hershey Exhibitors

(as of March 11, 2019)


Abdallah Candies ~ We are a fourth-generation family owned company making amazing confections since 1909. We offer a full line of prepackaged and bulk candies. We love working with small independent retailers. 

Albanese Confectionery ~ Innovator, manufacturer, retailer and distributor. At Albanese, we wear every hat, so you don’t have to! The Highest quality ingredients are used to manufacture our World’s Best Gourmet Gummies, Gold Label and Rich’s lines of European Style Chocolate offerings. We roast our own nutmeats and offer a wonderful line of Health and Snack Mixes. 

Alternative Air & Store Fixtures LLC ~ Climate controlled chocolate display cases refrigerated and non-refrigerated bakery display cases. Counters, corner units, fudge displays and custom work. Store layout assistance is available. All our fixtures are in over 500 standard colors. Please contact one of our team members to see how we can help with your display needs. 

Asher's Chocolate Co. ~ Asher’s Chocolate Co., a fourth-generation candy family, has been making fine quality chocolate confections since 1892.  Available in both bulk and packages are milk, dark, and white chocolate selections. We also offer the largest line of sugar-free chocolate confections in the industry. Asher’s Chocolate Co. features premium traditional bulk bagged, and gift box chocolates and an extensive selection of sugar-free, low sodium confections all manufactured in the US. Packaged items include eye-catching gift boxes, snack boxes, coffee bags, and counter displays. 

Aspecialitybox.com ~ Benchmark lines include classic and temporary heart shaped setup boxes in satin, lace, velvet, faux fur, foils, printed paper and more. An array of hats with matching purses and seasonal new Easter Egg, Ballotin and pop up boxes are offered. Also available are two-piece folding cartons in seasonal/all-occasion designs, the cube and rigid cartons in numerous trendsetting shapes, sizes and designer colors. And always, custom packaging anytime.

Barrington Packaging Systems ~ Since 2005, The Barrington Packaging Systems Group has been providing state of the art packaging machinery at affordable prices. Our product line ranges from entry-level to high-speed large capacity equipment. We can custom design complete systems based on our customers’ needs. Our on-site assembly and training programs provide our clients with the necessary tools to confidently operate and maintain all aspects of the systems and technologies. Our parts and labor warranty are the best in the business…2 full years!

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont ~ We MAKE truffles - For people who SELL truffles - To people who LOVE truffles. We offer over 150 varieties of chocolate truffles, sold in bulk at competitive wholesale pricing. We ship the same day you order! Come by our booth for a sample. 

Blommer Chocolate Company ~ Blommer Chocolate is a family owned and operated, fully integrated chocolate and cocoa products manufacturer serving customers around the world.  Blommer manufactures a broad array of chocolate, cocoa powder and specialty coatings, custom formulated to serve the confectionary, baking and dairy industries. 

Burke Candy & Ingredients Inc. ~ Caramel, Sugar Free Caramel, PKK Caramel, Caramel Sauce- (One Shot depositor and piping) Fondant Creme Center (One Shot and Extrude), Frappe/Nougat-Nukreme,  Burco Coconut Dough (Mounds Type) Easter Egg Centers- Ready to roll and dip), Perfecto Invertase, Natural Non GMO Caramel, Frappe, and Coconut, Toffee  Dipping  Pieces, Toffee  Bits,  (inclusions  and centers), Confectioners  Pectin,  Jell  Powder, Flavors,  Colors  and Mashes. 

Buy-Vue Displays ~ Candy Trays Plastic, Sign Holders, Slat wall and Pegboard Accessories, Risers, Stackable Bulk Bins, Free Standing Fudge Cases, Counter Top Cases, Nut Bins, Scoops, Pop Displays, Box Holders, Easels.

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate ~ Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate offers a wide range of both standard and customized cocoa and chocolate ingredients to be used in food manufacturing, bakery, confectionery, beverage and dairy applications.  Our product range includes high quality chocolate including the Ambrosia ®, Merckens ®, Peter’s ®, Veliche®, and Wilbur® brands, coatings, fillings, cocoa liquors, cocoa butters and Gerkens® cocoa powders. 

Casani Candy Company ~ Casani Candy is the oldest Candy Distributor in the United States. Est. in 1865, we have been serving the retail trade for over 150 years! We are a full line distributor of over 1000 bulk items from companies such as Asher’s Chocolate, Wricley Nut Products, Jelly Belly, Albanese, Cargill, and Wilbur, just to name a few. We carry a full line of products for each holiday. Customer service is our highest priority.

Celebrations Fun Foods Gourmet Popcorns including caramels, flavored popcorns and savory popcorns. Family owned and operated since 1990. 

Celebrations Fun Foods ~ Gourmet popcorns including caramels, flavored popcorns and savory popcorns. Family owned and operated since 1990.

Chocolate Moonshine ~ We offer best in market products when it comes to our gourmet fudge and artisan chocolate truffles. Producing nearly 100 gourmet fudge flavors and over 50 truffle bars, stop by and see how our products can help increase the success of almost every retail shop! 

ChocoVision Corp. ~ Chocolate tempering equipment. ChocoVision Corp. is an American company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of innovative chocolate and confection processing equipment. We are trendsetters in the chocolate industry with the use of modern microprocessor technology, exhibiting the highest quality standards for the manufacturing process, as well as customer service. Our chocolate tempering machines provide what is highly sophisticated process, the tempering of chocolates. 

Clasen Quality Chocolate, Inc. ~ CQC manufactures chocolate and confectionery coatings for RCI and the candy industry. Our product lines feature a variety of flavors and vibrant colors designed to enhance your candy operations. We also offer organic, dairy free, fair trade, nutritionally enhanced, natural, no sugar added and trans-free coatings - just to name a few. Our product shapes include wafers, chips and chunks and can be used for confections, baked goods, cookies, snack bars, truffles, cakes, toaster pastries and more. 

ClearBags ~ Packaging Supplies/ Boxes, Imprinted Promotional Items. 

Coblentz Chocolate Company ~ Coblentz Chocolate full line of packaged impulse items, gift boxes, and bulk enrobed.  Forever Sweet gummy candy kabobs in whimsical and seasonal themes. 

Coe & Dru Inc. ~ Wicker baskets, wood boxes, wire racks, non-woven bags, and other gift packing containers.  We specialize in customized design for our customers.  We do free China sourcing on related merchandises

Country Fresh Food & Confections, Inc. ~ Country Fresh Food &Confections is the only company to offer bulk fudge in loaves, bulk fudge in pre-cut pieces that require no weighing, retail packages in various sizes, and a full fudge mix program including accessories and flavorings. 

Duerr Packaging Co., Inc. ~ Custom and Stock Packaging: Set-up Boxes, Transparent Boxes and Lids, Plastic Candy Trays, Heart Boxes, Candy Pads, Confectioners Foil, Electra Packages and Golden Electra Packages for molded chocolates.

Dutch Valley Food Distributors ~ Dutch Valley Food Distributors is a leader in the bulk food distribution industry offering a huge selection of quality food and ingredient items. With over 200 candy items, including gummies, jellies, chocolate coated, and chocolate covered items, novelties and everything in between, Dutch Valley makes it easy to find the perfect items for your store or business! 

Eurofins Microbiology Laboratories, Inc ~ Third party ISO Accredited testing Services. 

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates ~ Gertrude Hawk began making chocolates in the kitchen of her home on Mark Avenue in the Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania in 1936. Our specialty chocolates are made from the highest quality ingredients and time-honored recipes for over 80 years, we are proud to offer... an exclusive line of traditional and gourmet chocolates, including bulk, boxed collections, novelties and panned.  New this year we are offering Gertrude Hawk Chocolate Branded Bars and Boxed Collections along with Smidgen Packs and other boxed specialty items. We also offer a full line of products available for private labeling. 

Giambri's Quality Sweets ~ Giambri’s Quality Sweets has been family owned and operated since 1942.  All our products are made with the highest quality Belgian Chocolate. Offering a full line of bulk and packaged Belgian Chocolate Gourmet Pretzels with over 75 toppings. In addition, we also offer, Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, Oreos and Grahams. Also: Handmade Peanut Butter Straws, Chocolate Straws, and Lemon Sticks and Sugar Free Pretzels. New this fall our pretzels will be made with non-GMO ingredients and gift boxes with individually wrapped Pretzel Rods. 

Green Mountain Flavors, Inc. ~ Natural and organic-certified flavors and extracts; colors from natural sources. 

Guittard Chocolate Company ~ Chocolate 

H & C Sales Inc. ~ Holiday Items for ALL Seasons - Candy Cups - Valentine Boxes - Cello Bags - Candy Trays - Ribbon - Tissue Paper - Chocolate Printed Tissue - Assorted Containers- Baskets - Wax Paper - Lollypop Sticks - AUSTRALIAN DIPPING FRUITS & Other Confectionery Supplies 

Hilliard's Chocolate Systems ~ Chocolate melting, tempering, coating and cooling equipment, in capacities from 2 pounds to 600 pounds per day. Hand Dipping machines, chocolate enrobers and pumps. 

Impress Packaging ~ Impress Packaging Inc. offers a full line of stock packaging. Our design ranges from traditional to designer packaging that will appeal to even the most disconcerting customers. Out high-end appeal is the perfect complement to your specialty confections. We accept order quantities as small as 125 with price discounts starting at 250 quantities. Preview our new items for each season and ask how we save customers on shipping costs by master packing the order, big savings to all on each order. 

Jelly Belly Candy Company ~ Jelly Belly Candy Company is a family owned and operated firm, producing quality confections since 1869. Made in the USA, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and confections are available in bulk and packaged. NEW Krispy Kreme licensed items.  NEW Harry Potter items. NEW lollipops.  Licensed Disney (Star Wars, Frozen, Princess) Seasonal and Specialty gifts. New Organic Smoothie flavors.  Licensed DC Comics/Warner Bros -Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) FREE shipping on $200 orders -FREE packaged fixtures -BULK 0FFSET programs. OU Kosher. 

Life of the Party LLC ~ Manufacturer of superior quality economically priced plastic candy molds. Over 3,500 for all occasions. Many new designs per year. 

Linnea's Candy Supplies, Inc. ~ Mercken’s, Peter’s, Wilbur, Veliche, Barry Callebaut, Vanleer, Clasen, Guittard, Madelaine’s, Blommer, SweetWorks, caramel, sprinkles, crunches, sticks, cups, loops, bows on twisties, flavorings, luster dusts, bags, tools, Perfect Equipment tempering and enrobing machines, ModPac, Simplex, Duerr, Tapp Packaging...and much, much more. We stock over 5,000 items for the confectionery and baking industries...since 1968! 

LorAnn Oils ~ LorAnn, best known for concentrated, professional strength flavorings and essential oils, also carries a product line that encompasses a variety of candy making and baking supplies in addition to our many flavoring options: Super-Strength Flavors, Premium Vanilla Extracts, Vanilla Bean Paste, Bakery Emulsions and the Flavor Fountain line of flavorings for frozen yogurt and ice cream. Kosher certified Sugar and gluten-free and are available in retail and bulk sizes. LORANN, QUALITY-A FAMILY TRADITION SINCE 1962.   

Lucille's Own Make Candies ~ Manufacturer of traditional bulk chocolates. Full line of milk and dark chocolate creams, chewies, fruits, nuts, pretzels, and nonpareils. Full selection of sugar free chocolates as well. Hollow novelties for every holiday ranging from 1oz. lollipops to 20 lb. rabbits. We also offer sugar free dark nonpareils and have expanded our hollow novelty line. When it comes to chocolate, we got you covered! 

Madelaine Chocolate Company ~ For over 65 years the Madelaine Chocolate Company has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of the largest selection of seasonal and everyday foil chocolate novelties, made with Peter’s Chocolate.  We also feature Mercken’s chocolate as well as our USDA Organic milk chocolate line. Duets the first double filled truffles. There are four wonderful flavors. Raspberry & Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter & Caramel, Cherry & Dark Truffle and Caramel & Mocha Truffle. Packs are 8/5-ounce bags and 2/48 count change makers. 

Marshmallow MBA ~ Handcrafted gourmet marshmallows and marshmallow-based confections. Forget everything you think you know about marshmallows! 

MC Publishing Company ~ Manufacturing Confectioner trade journal, books and directories

Melville Candy Company ~ Melville Candy Company is a proud 40-year-old family owned and operated business.  We specialize in gourmet custom shaped lollipops, hand decorated marshmallow items and unique cereal treats.  All our products are hand made for every order ensuring the highest quality and the freshest product to all of our customers.

Met Speed Label ~ We manufacture labels and label printers. Printers are available from 1 color to 4 color process. Software and all printer supplies are available. Nutritional software sold as well. We can supply semi-automatic as well as fully automatic label applicators. 

Mid-Atlantic Gourmet ~ Gourmet Brokerage representing only the finest manufactures of fudge, taffy and chocolates. Calico Cottage Inc. The world’s largest supplier of fudge making ingredients, A&A Candies True Salt Water Taffy, MY ICANDY LLC hand decorated chocolate covered Oreos and Teachers Recipe Gourmet Products LLC slab and packaged finished fudge.

MOD-PAC Corporation ~ MOD-PAC has been a leading manufacturer of paperboard cartons for over 130 years. We offer a full line of stock packaging including accessories such as plastic trays, candy cups, candy pads, personalized ribbon, bags and much more!   We are a one stop shop for all you packing needs. 

Murnane Specialties, Inc. ~ The Murnane Companies are a 4th generation American family business for nearly 100 years. We custom manufacture Printed and Unprinted SOFT-CEL Candy Pads, Parchment and Glassine Liners, Rollstock, U-boards, Die Cut Inserts, Folding Cartons, Paperboard Trays. We offer extended blanket and release programs.

National Shrinkwrap ~ Heat sealers, bag sealers and shrink-packaging systems for gift baskets, boxes, trays, platters, individual pieces and bundles, available with food and/or basket grade film.

Northeast Specialty Foods ~ Northeast Specialty Foods carries Chicago Importing, Sweet Shop, AnnieB's, Allison Candies, Brown Family Farm, Elaine's Toffee

Penn Scale Manufacturing Company ~ Every type of weighing scales and scoops to help with your business. We are a wholesale distributor that offers great prices to attendees of the Candy and Gift Show. 

Perfect Choco ~ High performing chocolate making equipment. Automatic tempering machine, Enrobing line, Cooling tunnels, Wheel tempering, Meters, chocolate dip, Large enrober. 

Pioneer Plastics, Inc. ~ Clear plastic boxes and Candy trays

Plantation Candies ~ Hard candy centers, Christmas mix

Professional Manufacturing Confectioners Association (PMCA) ~ Confectionery Production Conference and in plant training courses and on-line learning resources. 

RCI-Retail Confectioners International ~ For over 100 years, Retail Confectioners International (RCI) vision has been focused on providing a forum for confectioners to meet, network, share ideas, solve mutual problems and develop their candy making and entrepreneurial skills. Through education courses, events, publications and online resources, RCI provides the means its members need to build their business

Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia (RCAP) ~ The Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia, RCAP, is a nonprofit trade association, founded in 1918 for the purpose of sharing information and knowledge about candy making and retailing. Membership information can be found in the beginning section of this book and we invite you to stop at our booth for more information. Thank you for attending the show and supporting our organization. 

Royal Wholesale Candy ~ Royal Wholesale Candy has been serving retailers as a full-service confectionery distributor for over 28 years. We are proud to distribute Merckens, Peter’s, Wilbur and Ambrosia chocolate and confectionery products. We also carry a full line of bulk, loose and wrapped candy, dried fruits, nuts, sugar free products, count goods, novelties, boxed chocolates and seasonal products. All these items are from top-notch brands like Jelly Belly, Koppers, Asher’s, Albanese, Haribo, Guittard and more. Sign up to shop with us today to experience all the advantages that come with being a Royal Wholesale customer. 

Savage Brothers Company ~ Candy cooking equipment, chocolate melters and temperers, enrobers and bakery lifters. 

Simplex Paper Box Corp. ~ Simplex is the ORIGINAL inventor and manufacturer of the SIMPLEX style folding carton. The double wall construction plus glued gussets make our SIMPLEX style box high quality with quick and easy set up. The SIMPLEX box is manufactured in one and two-piece boxes. We also carry seasonal and specialty boxes, windowed and non-windowed along with mailers, trays, loops and glassine pads. Personalization is available on most items.

Skip's Candies-Nut Free ~ Skip’s Candies is a manufacturer of Nut Free handmade chocolates, caramel, marshmallow and fudge. We offer a full line of nut free molds, chocolates, fudge and candies. Custom orders welcome.  We are a DEDICATED Peanut/Tree Nut Free Facility. Family owned business for over 24 years. Located in Historic Bucks County, PA. 

Supreme Chocolatier, LLC ~ Seasonal and everyday chocolate novelties. Blues of San Francisco; boxed chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels and cookies. House of Bauer – Bavarian mints. 

Sweet Packaging ~ Sweet Packaging is a set-up and folding box manufacturer for the candy industry. Our Sweet Packaging System uses interchangeable trays to create flexibility in your packaging. Our system easily scales to help you target the price point desired to open exciting new markets. Our flexibility extends to assisting our customers with manufacturing their custom packaging to meet their specific needs. 

The Nutty Bavarian ~ Cinnamon glazed nuts, fudge and pralines

The Ribbon Print Company ~ Custom Ribbon Printing Systems so businesses can offer onsite personalization Product Line right from their shop, commercial kitchen or home production area. Use it for branding with your logo, highlight flavors, ingredients, in packaging, or for corporate gifts and lifestyle events like weddings. 

Victoria's Candies, Inc. ~ A fourth generation candy company! “Famous for butter creams since 1934.” We are chocolate manufacturers specializing in “cooked” creams including: Real butter creams, fruit creams, coconut cream and rum cream, Jordan crackers, jellies, marshmallows, almond butter, crunch, nougats, caramels and much more. We also manufacturer a full line of sugar free chocolates, along with seasonal hard candies, chocolate molds, traditional decorated Easter Eggs, individually wrapped eggs and bars. We also do private label and contract manufacturing for retail sales.

Wandix International, Inc. ~ Food-grade Candy Containers: Candy Bins with Scoop, Candy Dispenser, Cylinder Boxes, Square Boxes, Multi-partition Boxes, Treasure Chest, various shapes Candy Boxes (Vehicle, Diamond, Rocking Horse, Heart, etc.), Purse-to-go, All-purpose Cases. 

Weaver Nut Company, Inc. ~ Manufacturer of Premium Panned, Enrobed, NonPareil Chocolates, Nuts and Snack Mixes. HACCP & Kosher Certified. Contract Manufacturing, Private Label, & Packaging capabilities. Full line Master Distributor, Importer/Exporter of Candies, Chocolates, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Coffees & Teas, Spices, Snacks & Bulk Foods.  We are a Family Owned & Operated business. Serving our customers with quality, integrity, and enthusiasm since 1975! 

Wilbur's of Maine Chocolate Confections ~ Panned products including natural and organic.  Chocolate Fudge and Caramel Sauces.


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