The 14th China (Shanghai) International Heat Treatment Exhibition 2018

2018-09-18 - 2018-09-20
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Established in 2004, China International Heat Treatment Exhibition (brief in CIHTE) is the frontier platform of heat treatment industry for brainstorming, innovating and promoting cooperation. Product lightweight, excellent performance, durability and highly reliable are the focus of modern manufacturing industry’s constant pursuit of goal and market competition. With gradual deepening of the"Made in China 2025"plan and “Internet Plus”, heat treatment is not only the basic technology of manufacturing industry, but also is the prerequisite for realization of green manufacturing, high end manufacturing and energy saving manufacturing. It is the technical support for manufacturing industry getting out of “cheap small profits” and "from big to be strong". In order to further promote the application of heat treatment new technology and new products in the fields of improving material properties and product light weight, etc., introduction or independent research and development low energy consumption and intelligent automatic system for manufacturing enterprises, CIHTE2018 will be grandly held from September 18 to September 20, 2018 at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. 

The 12th China (Beijing) International Heat Treatment Exhibition (brief in CIHTE2017) was successfully closed in  golden September in Beijing. Well-known enterprises at home and abroad came to the scene, and the exhibition scale made a new record. Forward looking into the future, with the core of heat treatment technology and products, CIHTE2018 will radiate the entire industry chain that affect spare parts finished products of materials, metallurgy, hot forming, processing and structure, etc., converge world's hundreds of exhibitors, and will focus on inviting professional purchasing group of automobile, military, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, machinery, casting and forging, tools and dies, bearing, fastener, etc. Till then, the 2nd Heat Treatment (Beijing) New Technology Development Forum will be held at the same time with the exhibition, together promoting heat treatment industry development of “Green, Precision, Intelligence, Standardization”. CIHTE2018 invites you to come to Beijing, work together to create a new road for the development of heat treatment industry!

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