15th South-East European Forum & Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

2019-04-16 - 2019-04-18
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+359 32/ 960 011, 966 813

Nowadays there are many indicators for reaching the limits of the linear economic model. Therefore developers, business and state authorities are turning back to the environmental principles to tackle the present challenges. Gifted with great prospects, South-East Europe is following the global trends and make real steps towards its sustainable development: replacement of fossil fuels with renewables, improvement of energy efficiency, building of digital cities, introduction of low-carbon mobility. The 15th Energy Efficiency & Renewables and Smart Cities Exhibition and Conferences promote environment-based intelligent solutions. Laying the ground for face-to-face meetings between international providers and new local business partners, the event welcomes advanced technologies and good practices at the SE European market. Moreover, the EU energy strategy will speed up the SEE countries' transition to a circular economy. The targets for 2030 are: a cut of greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, energy saving of at least 27%, energy efficiency improvement by 30%, 32% of Europe’s final energy consumption will need to come from renewables.

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