16th China International Healthcare Recovery Products and Gerontic Products Exhibition

largest and authoritative medical exhibition in China
2014-04-08 - 2014-04-10
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  The 15th Healthcare & Recovery Products and Gerontic Products Expo 2013 attracted more than 640 exhibitors and covered the areas more than 36,000 ㎡, breaking the record of the previous Healthcare & Recovery Products and Gerontic Products Expo Fair. In the opening ceremony, there were officials from over 24 embassies in china and The Ministry of Health、The Ministry of Commerce、Development Research Center of the State Council and more than 60,000 professional visitors from 26 countries have witnessed the unprecedented event together!It is the first time that the exhibition got the so many leaders’ attention and was rated as the only one of the key exhibition in national health industry.   Shibowei Group has poured into twelve years’ effort to make“China International Healthcare & Recovery and Gerontic Products Expo” become the biggest Asia Expo. Now, it has reached the point of specialization、internationalization、brand. With the improvement of service quality and management , the health industry has been recognized as the largest 、the most effective and the most popular in Asia market with the support of exhibitors and professional visitors from home and abroad

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There are about 60000 professional visitors who witnessed the ceremony . They are from the following sides:   Large supermarket, large pharmaceutical group, pharmacy chain, community Health Station, health club, gym, beauty salon, health management chain institutions and private clubs, customer service agents, television shopping channel, network mall, trade service organization, gift shops, important Health club units, etc. Import and Export trade Companies, Industry association, gerocomium, convalescent hospital, therapy center of CDPE, health station of sanatorium for retired, health center of military political authority, social welfare institute, manufacturer of health care equipment, technologists and senior managers, etc.

Exhibitor information

800 exhibitors,185 overseas enterprises Rehabilitation nursing care equipment: All kinds of old and disabled rehabilitation nursing care of supplies, equipment, training equipment, bandage, bandage, feed gas equipment, oxygen bottles, oxygen making machine Special help line equipment: All kinds of wheelchairs and crutches, artificial limb, professional vehicle, lifting equipment etc. Rehabilitation care and health care equipments: all kinds of daily rehabilitation nursing care supplies equipment, equipment rehabilitation training equipment for the old and disabled, etc. Accessible Facilities Series: Family living environment (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom furniture, supplies series), and various kinds of hearing, vision, intellectual, physical, the auxiliary appliance obstacles and measuring instrument, etc. Special Bedroom Supplies: Special nursing bed and the related beddings,special table and seat、tablewares etc. Special Bathroom Supplies: Health fittings, special toilet articles utensils, adult paper diaper, nursing pad. Medical equipments: Healthcare striking stick,Healthcare pillow,Healthcare back,physical testing, physical therapy equipment;physical therapy chair, traction apparatus instrument,electric stimulation therapy apparatus with blood circulation, improving instrument; Suction Cups , back corrective devices, health care boots, health socks,scrapping plate ,oxygen increasing instrument.  Household care products: Anti-bedsore pad、Household cold and heat dressing、healthcare bed、urgent call equipments、incontinence care products etc.   Nursing care products: Bedsore mat, household cold heat dressing, home care bed, first aid equipment emergency supplies, health pad, baby&adult diaper ,baby and adult labrador pants, wet wipes, mattresses, health care products, incontinence care products etc. Dental Healthcare products: Toothpaste(medicine 、bleaching toothpaste)、toothbrush gargle water mouthwash, throat product, chewing gum, teeth, dental floss, false tooth bleaching cleaner , false tooth fixed agent, YaFen; Oral clean water, mouthwash, cleaning spray、oral care electronic products, health care chewing, toothbrush, oral gum of disposable materials etc.

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