16th China International Medical Equipment Exhibition

the largest and most authoritative medical expo in China
2014-04-08 - 2014-04-10
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currently activities: 1.16th China International Home Medical Healthcare Recovery Products And Instrument Expo(http://www.mdexpo.com.cn/en/index.html); 2.16th China International Healthcare Recovery Products and Gerontic Products Expo(http://www.kfexpo.com/en/index.html)


Last (Beijing)exhibition attracted more than 800 exhibitors and covered the area of 25,000 square meters,breaking the record of any previous event!In the opening ceremony, there were officials from over 20 embassies in china and the Ministry of Health、The Ministry of Commerce、Development Research Center of the State Council and more than 50,000 professional visitors from 26 countries have witnessed the unprecedented event together(You can ask organizer for material)! The feathers and advantages: 1.It is the highly influential and well-renowned annual medical event in China; 2.Exhibition and stimultaneously held form provide a collaboration platform for all field of the manufacture chains; 3.Efficient integration of the worldwide industrial resource including latest news and innovative operation; 4.The latest technology ,equipment,products and new materials information release to the shortcut for marketing development. Provide more business opportunities for sponsors I. The advantage of being a sponsor A. Enterprises are entitled to enjoy the synchronized promotion with exhibition B. Introduce professional visitors to sponsor C. Limited investment ,Unlimited profit II. sponsors would enjoy the following benefits from us: A.Special treatment B. Promotion on the opening ceremony C.Exhibition Advertisement D.Advertisement on the Invitation letter E.Catalogue advertisement F. Promotion on the Website G.Media Advertisement H.Forum I.Visit Ticket or Visit Card Advertisement J.The best booth for sponsors For more details, please inquire the organizing committee

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About the distributors ,agents and dealers: In order to provide better service both at home and abroad, we warmly welcome the worldwide distributors, agents, purchasers to submit agency intent application form and we will promptly submit your information to the manufacturers or general agent of the investment promotion.What we do is to build a platform,which contributes to both sides of the proxy cooperation;We will freely give congress products manufacturer catalogue CD material to the agents who submit the intent agents and offer advertisement on the official website for six months for free and mail you the latest product information to help you understand industry dynamics each year. ★ About the professional visitors and buyers A.【source and distribution of Professional visitor】 1.The distributors ,agents,franchisees,application providers,trading companies and food specially for the center,they all all have a sales network and highly reputation. 2.professional wholesale market for health food,supermarket,department stores,pharmaceutical business group,green health food stores, concession counter,health center,health management chain,private club,community supermarket chains and convenient stores. 3.foreign buyers,import and export trading companies,more than 130 countries Embassy Commercial Section ,industry association ,over 50 offices of provinces and cities in Beijing,SASAC central trade union system,home for respect of aged,research institutions ,the staff and senior manager of the health food manufacturers etc. 4.center of customer services,trade services institutions,gift shop,vital buyer units. B.【the invitation and policies of distributors and agents】 1、We will invite the ten-thousands of the dealers,distributors and agents in database of our company; 2、The implementation of the pre-registration form for professional audience will be applied in the show,the visitors and exhibitors who pre-registered will have access to the latest information of products and the other related services; 3、The latest trend of exhibition will be spread by newspapers,magazines,websites and other mainstream media in domestic and oversea,and invite the professional visitors and exhibitors by professional media. 4、we will post the information of exhibition to professional visitors by sending SMS,e-mail,post.And promptly update the date of exhibition; 5、We will advertise the publication ,release the information of exhibition ,broaden communication channel and invite more person with high-end social position by a series of outdoors and public media(such as metro/bus/road signs,etc). 6 In order to provide the better service for the domestic and foreign parts distributors/agents/buyers,welcome the worldwide distributor/agents/buyers to submit the application form of agent intend.The information will be sent the person who seek the investment.We will try our best to promote bilateral cooperation about agency; All the distributor who submitted agency intent application,will obtain a freely give congress products manufacturer catalogue CD material and organizing committee will offer advertisement free on the official website for six months each year and mail you the latest products information to help you understand the latest industry dynamics.

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total:800 exhibitors overseas companies:180 If you are the following products suppliers,please reserve the booth:   ● Medical equipment:all kinds of medical equipment and medical ancillary equipment,cardiac care,medical imaging,biochemical analysis instruments,sphygmomanometers and thermometers and other types of home medical equipment; ● Diagnosis and treatment equipment:X-ray diagnosis and inspection equipment,ultrasound,nuclear medicine ,endoscopy system,ENT treatment equipment,dynamic analysis equipment,cryogenic equipment,dialysis equipment ,first aid equipment,etc; ● Ward care equipment and appliances:various types of bed,cabinets,dental chairs,beds,etc; ● Auxiliary equipment: sterilization products, oxygen supply equipment, blood bank equipment , medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation equipment , persons with disabilities and other special equipment ; ● Oral medical equipment : dental diagnostic medical equipment, dental surgical instruments , dental equipment ; ● hospital telemedicine systems , hospital medical information system, hospital office automation system ; ● Dressings : Medical bandages, gauze , masks, surgical gowns, medical adhesive plaster , bandage , cotton ball , medical gloves , surgical protective film, breathable medical Tape, adhesive, applicator , disposable syringes, infusion sets ; ● Ophthalmic medical equipment, orthopedic medical equipment, clinical laboratory equipment and diagnostic reagents ; ● operating room, emergency room , medical equipment and apparatus ;

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