17th Taipei Baby & Maternity Products Fair

Taiwan's Largest Maternity Fair!
2015-10-08 - 2015-10-11
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The Fair is the largest event on maternity industry in Taiwan, and it will be its 17th edition this year. There were over 200 exhibitors with more than 700 booths last year, and it is estimated to achieve nearly 900 booths this year. The Market of Baby & Maternity Products is Soaring in Taiwan! Despite the fertility rate was not shown an impressive growth percentage recent year, the total spending on baby, children, and maternity products is increasing dramatically however. The reasons can be attributed to the blooming economy, incentivegovernment policies, and the awareness of baby care. This also indicates that parents are willing to increase budget on baby diet and living to make them have a memorable childhood. We sincerely hope that you will accept this invitation to participate in the exhibition The 17th Edition of Taipei Baby & Maternity Products Fair 2015. Together we can offer the public with an exhibition of the highest quality at this year’s Taiwanese maternity industry. Date: 8/Oct/ 2015- 11/Oct/ 2015 Time: 10:00-18:00 Venue: Taipei World Trade Center,Hall 1 Looking forward to seeing you at the Fair! For more information, please check the website: http://mombaby-fair.top-link.com.tw/en/
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The Leading Brand of Taiwan MICE Industry TOP-Link is the leading brand exhibition organizer in Taiwan. Making outstanding exhibitions is the goal of Top-Link; we collect extraordinary exhibitors and genuine buyers, and make exhibition diversity by innovations. The truth can be proven by its successful planning and displaying for every event attracting hundreds of thousands exhibitors and visitors all the year. Over 20 Years’ Experience of Organizing Exhibition A successful exhibition must be planned by a professional organizer. Top-Link has been founded on 1994, and has now over 20 years’ experience of organizing exhibitions. Top-Link is well known in media and public relation, exhibition consultancy as well as integrating marketing strategies. This experience makes Top-Link with powerful strength to conduct greatest exhibitions. Holding Over 40 Exhibitions per Year Top-Link holds over 40 exhibitions across different industries every year, including Taiwan Tourism Expo, International Wedding Show, Furniture Trade Show, Jewelry Show, Baby & Maternity Products Fair, International Musical Instrument Fair, Multimedia Fair, Tea Culture Expo, and so on. Innovation, Creativity, and Intelligent Strategies The creative strategies of exhibition combine the mass-reach of commercial advertising on TV and e-mail, powerful face-to-face selling, and the networking benefits of internet. In addition, the genuine buyers will be invited through specific handpick system which has been developed by Top-Link exclusive list. Those powerful combinations integrate on-line to off-line, and makes exhibition to be click-and-mortar industry. Moving Forward to Worldwide Top-Link is dedicating on international exhibition based on its professional abilities, to connect with the international market by its innovative concepts, and to provide the best service and distribution channels to consumers and exhibitors alike. Making exhibitions to be globalization is the current goal that Top-Link working on.

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