19th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit

Attain competitive advantage with Best Practice R&D and Product Development metrics!
2015-08-25 - 2015-08-27
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Measurement of R&D, and its impacts on productivity and innovation, is becoming increasingly influential in bettering corporate performance and market valuations. Companies are always searching for the best metrics to drive operations, and those that communicate their best foot forward to the marketplace. Industry is currently in an active period to create improved KPIs, the third such period since the 1990s. Now that the Great Recession is receding into the past, top line focus is again returning to balance the bottom line focus of the past many years.
There are new techniques and metrics just introduced by McKinsey and CFO Magazine, and an industry-generated metric from Broadcom entitled "R&D Efficiency," during the spring of 2015. They all focus on measuring overall R&D productivity, output over input. One of them has a good chance of becoming mainstream in the next five years, just as Return On Innovation (early 2000s) and the Vitality Index (1988) did. As well, there has been the equivalent of a sea change in the metrics companies use since the market crashed in 2008. It became evident in 2013 and is ongoing. Did you reorient your metrics, by about 25%, towards business and financial output in the past five years. This Summit covers everything an executive needs to know relating to measuring R&D, Advanced Development, Product Development, Innovation, Technical and Functional Competencies, R&D Productivity, and R&D-related Intellectual Property. We will connect the numerous metrics going three levels deep into the R&D-Product Development organizations to the handful of KPIs needed by CEO for financial reporting and investors in a single one-page portfolio. The selections of metrics are different for every company, and highly strategy dependent. You get what you measure. Don't worry, you'll get to include any of the metrics you measure today in your final workshop solution. GGI is consistently told by leaders, who enter believing that they have strong metrics, that they have a great many things they are going to discuss doing and undoing when they get back to their office. GGI has been a recognized thought leader in measurement since the early 1990s. We have introduced more than a handful of metrics that companies use today. We have played a role in making a number of great metrics, created by others, become mainstream across industries. For eighteen years we have done primary research on corporate, project, technical, functional, innovation, productivity, and IP metrics being adopted by corporations. For twenty-five years we have kept our finger on the pulse of what is being done by others, and on emergent metrics that haven't significantly penetrated industry (yet). This enables participants to determine a competitive advantage set of KPIs and their necessary supporting measures. Our Summit is as close as you will get to internalize the metrics body of knowledge in a single event. Senior executives wishing to put themselves and their colleagues in a better position to direct and drive product creation and commercialization should strongly consider attending. Many participants have said, "this Summit covers everything an officer or senior manager needs to know on the subject of Metrics."
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We always offer significant discounts to companies that bring Company Teams of three or more people, $254 per person. We also offer a series of early registration discounts that typically expire a few weeks before the Summit commences. There is a registration option to attend just the first day and one-half of the three-day Summit, the first two Seminars. But, we encourage participation in the entire Summit. New material [including Advanced Development, Intellectual Property, and Functional Competency Metrics] is intersperced in the third Seminar-Workshop while participants are crafting their portfolio of corporate metrics.
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