2014 Workforce Planning Conference

2014-06-02 - 2014-06-04
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The theme for this 4th Annual is knowledge exchange on the variety of ways organizations are reconfiguring workforce planning & applying human capital analytics to support business transformation and realize positive business results. This presents a tremendous new opportunity for human resource practitioners “The world has changed – In fundamental ways”. In one CEO study they describe this uncertainty as almost like being in uncharted territory. Every large scale business today is engaged in thinking about the transformation of its business. What it must become. What are the risks of not becoming this? And what human capital capability is needed to get there. Senior Executive Leadership and heads of businesses have never been more open to the involvement of HR and Talent Management to support them with their factual knowledge of the levers of talent and management of the employee life cycle Finance and IT are open to collaborating with HR, and the workforce intelligence in the organization from technical tools, systems, people, and processes is converging with an evidence based , analytics mindset to reconfigure a workforce planning function within the context of business transformation. There is no cookie cutter formula, nor are companies finding this easy. Culture change is never so. Most companies identify themselves as being engaged on this journey. Many firms are bunched around the beginning. However the question is not “how do I get started”. It is rather “how do I begin to make inroads in embedding this direction in my company?” Today an advancing analytics capability in companies is being matched with tremendously enhanced access to data that can drive insight and decisions. It is the practitioners who are doing this work, wherever they sit in the organization, often in collaboration” Remember every company is thinking about their business transformation in response to their own internal and external changes. Human Resource Business Partners, Strategic COE Leaders, and Human Capital Analytics Executives, along with OE, OD Experts, and other stakeholders, are contributing towards defining which talent is critical, what roles are pivotal, and what workforce needs will drive our strategy. Who do we have, who can we have, what will we need, what gaps might we have, and what is the optimal way to close these gaps? So much is interrelated. Now that we have access to data to know more, how can we apply this data to become more capable as a holistic, integrated, globally aligned organization.

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