2015 Employee Engagement Conference

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Register with discount code MAMP3 for $200 off Engaged employees are the lifeblood of every organization. Enthusiastic and committed to their work, they demonstrate higher levels of innovation, productivity, profitability and customer service and they significantly contribute to growth. Among this group of employees, there’s also lower turnover and absenteeism and fewer safety incidents than employees who are not engaged. And yet, according to recent studies, only around 30% of the US workforce is actively engaged at work. The business case for engagement is stronger than it’s ever been before, yet the majority of organizations are still lacking a robust engagement strategy. Embark on a Journey to Engagement. TMA’s 2nd Annual Engagement conference; ‘A Roadmap for Engagement,’ provides a combination of best practice case studies, interactive exercises, brainstorms and group discussions to explore the critical components for successfully integrating engagement across the talent management life cycle. Working together with some of the world’s leading engagement experts and practitioners, you’ll explore the successes and common pitfalls of engagement strategies and you’ll be provided with actionable insight and key tools and techniques to take back and implement in your organization. Key themes include: • Building a Culture of Engagement • Onboarding Best Practices For Engagement from Day One • Engaging the Millennial Workforce • Creating Engaging and Motivational Reward and Recognition Programs • Promoting Wellness in the Workplace • The Return On Investment (ROI) of Engagement • Engaging the Part Time and Virtual Workforce For more info contact us: info@the-tma.org 888-339-9599 x501

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