2015 Total Rewards Strategy Summit

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Talent Managment Alliance
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888-339-9599 x501
3 West Club 3 W 51st St New York, NY 10019 Tel: (212) 582-5454 Welcome Total Rewards Executives This conference is for you. It is for you to get together with your senior peers and kick around ideas and share your experiences but on a strategic level of conversation. This is the dialogue that connects you with senior leaders in your business and within Strategic HR. I look forward with my Advisory Board members to help stimulate the conversation on site. Warm regards Mark G. Goldberg, Global Research Analyst, Conference Producer, TMA. You can reach me in advance of the conference on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/mgstrategic Twitter @Goldberg_Mark Topics include: • Aligning Performance & Compensation? Decouple or Not? • Measuring the ROI of your Total Rewards programs! • Using Analyticss to Optimize Your Rewards and Recognition Strategy • Personalization and One Size Does Not Fit All! • Rethinking Performance Reviews: AN IDEA SHOOTOUT • Intersecting withTalent Management: Succession Planning! • Compensation for Early Stage Careers and Millenials • Granting equity compensation to key contributors in M & A • Where To Get Started in Applying Analytics to Rewards • The Pros and Cons of Moving to Private Exchanges • The Future of Work and Re-imagining Total Rewards • Not Letting Money Spoil the Mission • Change At the Speed of Business: Aligning Compensation to Business Transformation For more info contact us: info@the-tma.org 888-339-9599 x501 http://the-tma.org/total-rewards/

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