2017 China Internatinal Tyre and Rubber Expo

One-stop Show for tyre, parts, rubber raw materials and rubber machinery
2017-04-08 - 2017-04-10
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Further Information: Shandong Rubber Trade Association Qingdao Jinnoc International Expo Co., Ltd. Phone:+86-532-55552923 Email: info@jinnoc.com Website: www.rubbere.com
Domestic professional exhibition of international rubber technology - the largest and most influential brand of rubber exhibition "China International Rubber Technology Exhibition Qingdao" referred to as 'RTF', since 2004 has been successfully held the 11th, the annual session of the RTF show have achieved good results and a wide range of influence, attracted a total of more than 49 Countries and regions of nearly a thousand exhibitors. Has become China's rubber industry to develop new markets, promote enterprise visibility of the international exchange platform. RTF2017 in April 2017 to 10 in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center and Qingdao International Tire and Wheel Show (CTF) held in the same period. 2016RTF exhibition area of ​​20,000 square meters, Venue: Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center 1 #, Hall 3; CTF exhibition area of ​​40,000 square meters, Venue: Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center 2 #, 4 # Hall; An area of ​​60,000 square meters, more than 367 exhibitors and more than 22,569 visitors. For the rapid growth of domestic rubber industry and the automotive industry, 2017RTF exhibition organizers Qingdao University of Science and Technology will be more than 370 domestic tape, hose manufacturers and their suppliers, customers, universities and research institutes in the "new Rubber and Rubber 2017 Tape Technology International Forum "under the premise of success, to jointly create the" Rubber and Rubber 2017 rubber tube with the International Forum on Industrial Technology "to promote the tape, hose and related industries in the new mode of economic development and technological progress and sustainable Development, making the exhibition range and content richer, fully reflects the unique value of the forum: new products, new technologies, new opportunities.
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1. Manufacturers of tires 2. Manufacturers of Rubber industrial machinery 3. CEOs, Engineers, Technocrats and scientists 4. Marketing Chiefs, Professionals and consultants 5. Policy makers and international commercial corps 6. Head- R&D, Regulatory affairs & Quality Managers 7. Industry Associations and Trade Delegations
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The exhibited product range and services comprise of: Tires, Casings, Tubes Wheels / Rims: Steel and light metal rims for automobiles, commercial, earthwork machines and agricultural vehicles; wheel covers, etc. Natural rubber, raw materials, manufacturing equipment Trade Associations, press, publishers, Institutions Other related services and products: Logistics, certification, insurance, financial service... etc

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