2020 Employee Engagement & Retention Summit

2020-03-24 - 2020-03-26
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According to the 2020 workplace theory, over 36% of the workforce will consist of people born after the baby boomer generation. This fact alone means that the workplace can change dramatically, facing the collision of generations, but at the same time will boast a more diverse workforce.

Unlike previous generations, millennials look further than job stability, competitive salaries and benefits to be committed and loyal to a company. They are driven by a sense of shared purpose, which means that they need to have a strong sense of their part in the ‘bigger picture’ to bring their best results to the workplace. And although until now businesses were mostly focused on satisfying key consumer needs, what becomes clear when examining the global workforce trends by 2020 is that employee experience is equally important for company success.

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Learn about:

  • Designing the employee experience
  • Using learning and professional development to increase engagement
  • Continuous listening technology, engagement analytics and measuring the ROI of engagement programs
  • Effective onboarding strategies and leveraging engagement for talent attraction
  • Innovative total rewards and recognition programs
  • Implementing performance management strategies that increase employee engagement
  • Creating a sound organizational culture and developing a sense of purpose at work
  • Managing and engaging a multi-generational workforce
  • Using technology to manage and monitor employee engagement
  • Encouraging a Healthy Work/Life Balance
  • A wellness at work case study

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