2020 International Smart Factory Conference & Expo

Int’l Smart Factory Conference & Expo 2020(SMART FACTORY KOREA)
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Smart factory represents an industry that converges a variety of technologies, combining conventional manufacturing technologies with cutting-edge IT technologies covering sensors, precision control, network, data collection and analytics. In particular, sensors and control devices enable detection and functions of smart factory, contributing to improvement of product quality in line with changing production environment.

ㆍTo help domestic enterprises develop relevant technologies and make inroads into applicable markets ahead of others as the global smart factory
     market represents a value-added industry growing 10% each year. The market was valued 228 billion USD in total in 2015, with its device segment
     accounting for 70 billion USD and the application segment 158 billion USD. The market is expected to reach approximately 290 billion USD by 2020
ㆍTo facilitate the advancement of smart factory industry in Korea and actively encourage relevant business enterprises to expand market coverage and
     develop applicable technologies.
ㆍTo suggest manufacturing environment required for the joint smart factory promotion plan of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Small
     and Medium Business Administration to build 10,000 smart factories for small and medium sized manufacturers and promote solutions optimized to
     market needs.
ㆍTo actively draw upon the new trend of smart industrial revolution converging manufacturing, IT and service industries to overcome the limitations of
     quantity-centric focus of domestic manufacturing industry and deliver more values.
ㆍTo promote various solutions addressing the needs of manufacturing sites and encourage the development of models and technologies optimized to
     the needs of smart factory promotion programs for domestic enterprises.
ㆍContribute to the development of workforce by defining standards for smart factory and promoting policy support packages.

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ㆍMarine plant and steelmaking industries
ㆍAerospace and defense industries
ㆍSemiconductor and display industries
ㆍAutomotive manufacturing industry
ㆍBioengineering industry
ㆍPetrochemical industry
ㆍConstruction & Building industries
ㆍEnergy industry
ㆍMachine parts manufacturing and assembly industry
ㆍMobile communications industry
ㆍComponents manufacturing industry
ㆍR&D industry
ㆍElectric/electronic industries
ㆍICT and purchase management, business development
ㆍCentral/Local governments, public enterprises

About 1,600 Attendees

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Organizer: Infothe Co., Ltd.
25, Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu,
04167, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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