3rd Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia & Applications

To enhance Multi-disciplinary perspectives of Multimedia technologies
2017-07-20 - 2017-07-21
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Welcome to the 3rd Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence 2017, it follows the two very successful ones held respectively in Birmingham in 2015 and in London in 2016. Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence is the leading conference dedicated to all Multimedia Researchers and Computer Scientists, Experts and Novices, Practitioners and Students. It provides an international forum to all of you to exchange ideas on ways of advancing the state of the art in Multimedia Technologies, accelerating research and exploring opportunities and their applications in real-life envrionments. Multimedia is a special domain. In the past 10 years, we have witnessed revolutionary changes in both hardware and software. Today, computers, digital cameras, and even cell phones equipped with optical scanners can "see" and "hear" digitally different types of objects, images, speech, and various video and auditory signals, and "display", "say" and "convey" information to people on site and at remote locations via different multimedia devices and channels. Apart from the keynote papers, we have widened the scope of the technical program to include sessions related to imaging, vision, games, animation, graphics, signal processing, 3-D objects, communication networks, tools and applications.

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