4th Leading with Talent Conference

Part of The 4th HRcoreLAB
2016-03-08 - 2016-03-09
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21 Century Talent Management has a bigger than ever opportunity to add value, but it will become increasingly challenging for us as practitioners to work in this fascinating field with the 'perfect storm' that is developing. We already have a complex cocktail of a spiralling pace of change in the business and macro-economic environment, geo-political risk and change, longer term demographic shifts, generational attitudinal shifts and of course the on-going impact of new technology. These dynamics already create new level of challenges for companies' TM and Leadership Development strategies, however, this is just an 'appetiser' to the main course that is to come in the next decades. Looking further ahead the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligent will have huge and substantial impacts on companies, economies and society at large – a recent Deloitte study highlighted that 35% of all roles in the UK economy could be swept away as a result by 2035. No industry or sector is immune to the changes around us, and we have a key leadership role to support organisations to future proof themselves to the challenges that are emerging. So are there any 'new' best practices in navigating or evolving our approaches to Talent ? Over these two days in this seminar we will both hear from key Talent Leaders in organisations as to how they are thinking about these issues and the approaches they are implementing, and also debate through interactive roundtable sessions how best to evolve our approaches. The goal is to share great practice and co-create new thinking to further equip us as Talent leaders for the future. The seminar is part of the 4th HRcoreLAB which will feature: • 3 Seminars • 47 High-level expert speakers • 250+ HR professionals • 37 Case-Studies from leading Organisations • 9 Interactive roundtable sessions • 3 hands-on R&D sessions • 3 Boardroom sessions • 2 Exclusive Cocktail parties • And much more... Seminars: 1. 6th Future of Recruitment 2. 4th Leading with Talent 3. HR Agility *NEW* Companies: Adidas, Siemens, Google, Schneider Electric

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