6h Future of Recruitment Seminar

Uncomplicating Recruitment
2016-03-08 - 2016-03-09
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Recruitment as a process in its rawest form is a straightforward end to end series of interventions and activities. This hasn't really changed since the dawn of time; or has it? 1. Role presents itself! 2. Hirer establishes the need (hopefully with HR), articulates it and seeks approval to hire! 3. Someone assigned to fill the need! 4. Role is marketed! 5. Applicants are matched against the need, someone is selected over the others! 6. Applicant accepts and is on-boarded Granted; this is a very simple view and some of the ways of performing these activities, and the solutions and channels involved, have evolved in line with technological advances and general commercial progress over time. But let's not overcomplicate the process known as recruitment; which is in essence quite straightforward or should be, shouldn't it? The future of recruitment is 'Vanilla'! Off the shelf, vanilla, cloud based, end to end recruitment and HR technologies, where customisation is outlawed and configuration is available to add local and legislative nuance to standard leading practice processes and workflows! This seminar will explore this and challenge speakers, delegates and vendors to discuss and debate why this can or cannot work in their businesses! Sessions will include amongst others; defining recruitment, what really matters to the business, change management, not believing the hype, driving ROI bottom line value and stakeholder experience. I quite like vanilla. It's simple in essence and easy on the eye and palate. Just like the future of Recruitment in my opinion! Join me and your peers for an exciting and challenging two days to establish if you like vanilla too! The seminar is part of the 4th HRcoreLAB which will feature: • 3 Seminars • 47 High-level expert speakers • 250+ HR professionals • 37 Case-Studies from leading Organisations • 9 Interactive roundtable sessions • 3 hands-on R&D sessions • 3 Boardroom sessions • 2 Exclusive Cocktail parties • And much more... Seminars: 1. 6th Future of Recruitment 2. 4th Leading with Talent 3. HR Agility *NEW* Companies: Uber, Swarovski, Airbnb, The Body Shop

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