6th Annual Armoured Vehicles Latin America

2017-06-27 - 2017-06-28
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Latin America's diverse geographies and its unique experience dealing with complex, dynamic insurgencies and transnational criminal networks sets the region apart from its global allies in many respects and, indeed, is critical in shaping requirements for and use of armoured vehicles for contemporary military operations and homeland security. Persistent threats to national security and public safety inside and beyond national borders necessitates a persistent need for armoured vehicles, which supply a critical blend of protection, mobility, adaptability and lethality for the military and police. On a strategic level, the region has a significant international voice on defence and security matters. Setting a precedent to the rest of the world with its contribution to peacekeeping is just one example of this, whilst countries like Mexico, Brazil and Colombia are building advanced defence industrial bases with increased investment into S&T. Underpinning the region's development is a commitment to hemispheric and international defence and security cooperation, and it is with this in mind that we are proud to announce our 6th annual AV Lat Am conference to be held in Mexico City - a unique forum for industry, army and marine corps commanders, heads of police, and programme managers who are unified by shared security objectives.
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Why Attend? Gain insight and expertise from serving military officers, acquisition staffers and local industry who are at the forefront of key vehicle delivery projects and stay networked in the region Demonstrate SWaP trade-off solutions to end-users currently experiencing increasing operational demand and budgetary pressures, and adopting advanced technology and systems integration programmes, in order to put your solution top of the agenda Understand the region’s latest armoured vehicles requirements spanning Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru so that you can find the right customer for your solution Share discussion with the key stakeholders from global industry that are focussed on meeting capability gaps across Latin America, in order to find partners for projects and access to the market
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Targeted VendorsAs the largest military vehicles event in North America, we look to work with a variety of vendors to ensure we are gathering the most effective solutions in the industry. Below is a sampling of vendor solutions that are typically represented onsite: Armor Battery Systems Communications Vehicle Power Wheels/Tires Vetronics Lighting Composites Adhesives/Coatings Brakes Suspension Systems Engine/Turbine Components Fuels, Lubricants, Oils and Waxes Transmission Systems Tracks Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies Shock and Vibration Control Sensors Powertrain and Chassis Bearings Hoses Windows Doors Gauges and Meters Suspension Systems Switches Flooring Seat Assemblies Special Purpose Vehicles Audio/Video Devices

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