6th International Conference on Earth Science & Climate Change

Insights into innovations in Earth system sciences and Climate Change challenges
2017-09-18 - 2017-09-19
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Earth Science Conference
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Earth Sciences or “Geosciences”, known as Sciences of the planet Earth, are disciplines which could help to better predict or reduce the damages that would occur in such circumstances. 6th International Conference on Earth Science & Climate Change will bring people from different disciplines as diverse as Volcanology, climatology, atmospheric sciences, seismology and oceanography. Geoscientists aim to better understand the interactions between the Earth's geology, atmosphere, oceans, biosphere and the human responses towards them.
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Conference Highlights: Geosciences Geology Soil Sciences Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology Marine Geosciences and Oceanography Hydrological sciences GIS and Remote Sensing Pollution and Other Environmental Issues Natural Hazards Climate Change Anthropogenic Role in Climate Change El Niño and La Niña Climate Finance The Paris Agreement Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Renewable Energy: Challenges and Future Prospects Sustainable Development

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