6th World ADC Summit San Diego 2015

Select your lead candidate with confidence l Improve preclinical predictability l Maximize clinical efficacy
2015-10-19 - 2015-10-22
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World ADC San Diego is the pinnacle of the ADC calendar. Uniting the whole of the antibody drug conjugate community, this is a celebration of new ideas, new partnerships and new progress in treating cancer. Continuing it’s mission to accelerate the development of clinically meaningful ADC drugs, this year’s meeting will provide new impetus for your research projects. Building on it’s 5 year history, the agenda will see insights shared on novel targets, drug-linker chemistries, preclinical modelling, analytical characterization, drug product formulation, supply chain optimization and clinical efficacy data. To truly unleash the potential of ADCs, progress needs to be made in bolstering efficacy as well as managing on- and off-target toxicities. And so, during our market research for this year’s World ADC San Diego we focused on building a catalogue of frustrations and hurdles that slow development of efficacious ADCs. Are you also wrestling with the industry “unknowns” that accompany ADC research? How potent is too potent? How will these drugs be combined? Why are preclinical studies not predictive? Where are the gaps in the technology landscape? What assays are the regulators looking for? What other mechanisms of action are out there? Talking with ADC scientists daily it’s apparent that the answers are out there but not always close to hand. We’ve made it our mission to find them and bring them together on the agenda for this year’s meeting. Expect granular case studies, inspirational speakers, strategy reviews and critical analyses. Over the coming months we’ll be hunting out the best of the best to make sure that this year’s meeting is simply unmissable, yet again.

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