2017-05-15 - 2017-05-18
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PHARMCHINA, China's first domestic pharmaceutical fair, currently spans 90,000 sqm of exhibition space with more than 2,000 exhibitors representing the pharmaceutical and health industries. It has attracted over 100,000 professional visitors from more than 30 provinces and regions, and has showcased hundreds of thousands of products covering more than 10 categories and 300 subcategories, including, among other health technologies and services, chemical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, OTC drugs, biopharmaceuticals, natural health and nutrition products, home medical, cosmeceuticals, adult products, contract services and pharmaceutical logistics. PHARMCHINA additionally features more than 10 forums and seminars presenting 100 keynote speeches so as to create the most authoritative summit of information in the pharmaceutical industry. Lastly, its e-commerce platform has brought together over 2,000 trusted suppliers displaying over 50,000 high quality.
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Chemical Drugs Chinese Patent Drugs/ Ethnodrug;TCM Materials/ Chinese Herbal Medicines/ Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula Granule ;OTC; Bio-Pharmaceutical Technologies and Innovations ( Gene detection, diagnostic reagents, pharmaceutical Rand D, contract customization, biological drug, Biological product/ technologies); Medical Consumables; Medicine Plus Internet; Pharmaceutical Distribution Technology and Equipment;

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Business success — you may think it’s all about the bottom line, but savvy CEOs like those at Apple, Starbucks and IKEA know otherwise. Although profits play a big role, it’s also important for companies to be socially responsible by considering their impact on the environment, their local economy and their customers. One way that companies can practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) is by incorporating it into company events.