The 7th China International Photovoltaic Power Generation and System Integration Exhibition 2015

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PV CHINA 2015 has a rapid growth which focus on photovoltaic industry of practical problems, especially the case analysis and sharing.Do our utmost to provide the latest industry information and high quality of trade integration solutions.The activities through the mode of combination of professional conference and exhibition, gathering photovoltaic industry professionals to build photovoltaic development blueprint together. With a neutral attitude to gather and display the industry leading technology, PV CHINA 2015 promote the communication of the photovoltaic industry, and play an important role in PV market information transmission, and combining with all related activities. In 2015, the exhibition serves the public in a more professional attitude which is divided into three main themes, such as Photovoltaic Components and Auxiliary Materials, Photovoltaic Power Generation System and Photovoltaic Inverter Power Supply. About 8,000 professional visitors and consumers from home and abroad, over hundred enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions come together to visit the 8000㎡ exhibition.
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Full impact user industries Paying attention to buyer groups as well as inviting the whole domestic and global industry user enterprises to participate in, such as municipal and provincial competent departments, large enterprises, agency and other relevant units, energy power investment developers at home and abroad, construction operators, grid operators, distributed generation, energy storage, large photovoltaic power plants, Photovoltaic (pv) cleaner production technologies and recycling, and photothermal, colleges and universities, research and development institution,designing institute, research institute, industry association/society, financing institution, media, etc. Special inviting buyers business matching Aiming at your target user industries, organizers will special invite potential buyers to communicate face to face with you. Hosted buyer business matching activities are encouraged by the industry. Many hosted buyers and exhibitors reached a purchase intention on the scene which improved the efficiency and save time and travel cost.Business matching service is the right-hand man to increase your sales. Buyers visitors Invited all the relevant departments of the user units, industry association and scientific research units, the industry experts and scholars and representatives as visitors. Many countries and regions’PV power industry association and the international organization establish cooperation as well as jointly organized the international purchaser. More than 20 international and regional overseas visitors will visit the exhibition, and participate in business matching, such as the United States, Britain, Denmark, Germany, France, Russia, Canada, Australia, etc. Face to face with the whole industry chain’s policy makers The opportunity to face to face with a complete set of product development chain. Professional audience including, executive manager, marketing decision makers, technology research and product development, scientific research personnel, purchasing manager, etc.
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Pavilion Subdivision, Focusing On Key Industry Pavilion subdivision is PV China 2015’s another feature. According to the requirements of exhibitors, organizers will mainly build three topics to upgrade and integrate the original exhibits, focusing on key industries. Photovoltaic Components and Auxiliary Materials Photovoltaic Power Generation System Photovoltaic Inverter Power Supply Commercial opportunities: One-on-One Key Buyers Invitation Aiming at 100 key customers who have purchasing intention, you can communicate with policymakers face to face through on-site activities. Display New Products, Improve the Competitiveness Showing the new products, you can directly establish the relationship with industry representatives, increasing the industry awareness of your brand,strengthen the company's market position and improving the corporate image. Additional advantages Gathering name-brand companies in the industry , comprehensively show the photovoltaic industry; Multiple professional activities, promote the industry communication. Global promotional network, hundreds of media campaign build momentum together. Professional team, create greater glories ! Multiple exhibition linkages, sharing resources.

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