8th International Conference on Geriatric Medicine & Gerontological Nursing

Improving the delivery of Healthcare for the care of elderly
2017-10-30 - 2017-11-01
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Geriatric Medicine
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We are pleased to invite all to the '8th International Conference on Geriatric Medicine & Gerontological Nursing ” which will take place on October 30-1 November, 2017 in San Antonio, USA at Hilton San Antonio Airport Hotel hosted by Conference Series, Ltd. The conference will bring together Geriatric Medicine Researchers and practitioners from more than 40 nations to share their knowledge, experience and expertise through a series of Key Notes, Plenary Talks, Workshops, Symposiums and Exhibitions. The theme of this year conference is “Improving the delivery of Healthcare for the care of elderly” and the audience are expected from wide disciplines which includes but not limited to Geriatricians, Geriatric Doctors, Professors, Social workers, Palliative care specialists, Scholars, Nurses, Health care Professionals, Researchers, Pharmacists and student’s researchers, academicians and other experts working in the related area of Geriatric Medicine to share their experience at the global platform for the well-being of patients.
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Target Audience: Geriatricians Physicians Geriatric Physicians Medical Directors Dental Professionals Ophthalmologists Rheumatologists Cardiologists Urologists Geriatric Nurses Pulmonologists Pharmacists Occupational Therapists Healthcare Faculty Social Workers Community care coordinators Palliative care specialists

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