AccessAbilities Expo 2016

Enabling Mobility - Integrating Communities
2016-02-09 - 2016-02-11
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Sales Director
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El Forkh
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971 2 4090484
AccessAbilities Expo is the Middle East’s dedicated exhibition for the products, services and technologies related to the disabilities and rehabilitation sectors. AccessAbilities Expo will provide a dedicated platform for Government and Private organisations from across various sectors like infrastructure, aviation, tourism, hospitality, facilities management, technology, consumer electronics, public transport, education, healthcare and others, to showcase their portfolio of products and services along with their future plans to support more than 700 million people with disabilities worldwide, over 50 million of whom reside in the Middle East. The expo is also aimed at motivating government authorities and private sector players to change their perception about people with special needs and disabilities and improve their services to meet their needs, integrate them in the society and enable them overcome their daily challenges. The launch edition will provide learning and networking opportunities to targeted participant groups in the identified sub sectors of disabilities and rehabilitation. AccessAbilities Expo is expected to welcome 150 exhibitors and more than 5000 visitors in Dubai during the 3 day exhibition.
Attendee information
AccessAbilities Expo 2016 is the UAE’s premier event aimed at enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and special needs. As a major international expo, it is specially designed to enable world class mobility and healthcare providers to address the growing demands of the special needs community across the Middle East – from seniors and people with disabilities, to families, carers and healthcare professionals Reasons to attend: MAKE QUALITY CONNECTIONS AT ACCESSABILITIES Play your part at the new AccessAbilities Expo and connect with a truly high value business audience across MENA and beyond ENABLING MOBILITY. BUILDING OPPORTUNITY Providing a high-level platform for the key stakeholders in the industry – local authorities, interest groups and international specialists MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD AT ACCESSABILITIES See how AccessAbilities can transform your local and regional profile in the special needs and healthcare community
Exhibitor information
AccessAbilities Expo welcomes manufacturers of products and services for mobility, independent living, accessability and rehabilitation solutions. Manufacturers and services providers include: Aids for Children Associations, Institutions, Organisations Barrier Free Living Clothing and aids for personal protection Communication Daily Living Aids Education, coaching and training Household and Nutrition Leisure, Sports & Recreation Mobility Nursing & Medical Care Orthopedic Aids Personal Care and Hygiene Physical Training, Physiotherapy Travel Workplace
Future dates
9-11 February 2016

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