Accessoriestheshow New York, August

2015-08-02 - 2015-08-04
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NEW YORK AccessoriesTheShow creates the world’s largest and most vibrant marketplace for juried accessories each and every season. Our mission is to provide designers and retailers with an inspiring and enjoyable place of networking. Designers are able to conduct business with their better customers and prospects from around the globe in a refined and elegant environment while giving retailers the opportunity to discover everything from the latest trends to updated classics.

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AccessoriesTheShow is your plan for success. With three distinct, well-defined events running in New York and Las Vegas, AccessoriesTheShow will open the doors to the world’s top retailers of accessories. All editions of AccessoriesTheShow will deliver the show’s hallmark qualities: Unsurpassed retail development Unequalled quality and quantity of retail attendance Unparalleled customer service The utmost in pre and post show promotion The industry’s most cutting-edge visual display and staging Unrivaled amenities and attention to comfort and convenience Top retailers from all over the world have made AccessoriesTheShow their show of choice. To make the most of the opportunities in today’s market, you should too.

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