Antalya Ceramica

Ceramic Professionals Gathers in Antalya for Ceramica
2016-05-05 - 2016-05-08
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Int'l Marketing
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Turkey carries this 8000 years of ceramic production tradition to industry level in the second half of 20th century and in this way today Turkish ceramic processing industry has an established place in the World ceramic tile production. Turkey is the 3rg biggest ceramic and tile producer country of Europe and 6th of the World with its more than 220 million production number.
Ceramic originates from Anatolian soils and represent 8000 years of tradition, carries a peerless value and traces from ancient ages and different cultures. Ceramic which its source material is soil has always been a part of the daily life such as of kitchen, bathroom, home design… Pyramids Group Fair with its 22 years of experience brings together this cultural heritage and Antalya, Turkey that is the 3rd biggest ceramic producer of Europe. Antalya Ceramic Fair, Antalya Ceramic Bathroom, Kitchen Fair will be held in Antalya Expo Center between 5 and 8 May 2016.
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Architects - Interior Architects - Decorators - Industrial Designers - Contractors - Civil Engineers - Construction & Project Contracting Companies Real Estate Investment Trusts - Building Material & Hardware Stores - Building Material & Wholesalers - International Export & Import Companies - Yacht, Boat Owners & Manufacturers
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- Floor & Wall Coverings - Bathroom Products & Accessories - Sauna & Turkish Bath Equipment - Ceramic Processing Technologies & Supplementary Products - Kitchen Products & Accessories Packaging, Warehousing, Logistics - Softwares & Work Safety Products
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