BASRAH BUILDING - The 5th International Building, Construction, Municipal Equipment, Natural Stone, Machinery and Equipment Exhibition

2014-10-21 - 2014-10-24
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The Role of Government in Housing and Construction Housing and Construction Population growth rate: At the projected growth rate, almost 2 million housing units will be needed by 2015. Private sector involvement: The government estimates that 85% of home building will be carried out by the private sector. Much of the boom in construction in Iraq over the next five years will be led by government investment in infrastructure. The needs are great: Water and sewage: Water treatment plants cover only six percent of the population and most sewage plants are outdated and poorly functioning. Public facilities: Many public buildings are in disrepair or were damaged during the war. Transportation: Iraq’s transportation infrastructure (roads, airports, and train system) are in dire need of repair and modernization. Ports: Iraq’s six ports need to be upgraded in order to handle modern shipping methods and high expected volumes. The GoI has earmarked over $16B USD for reconstruction in its 2009 budget, and the government can also avail itself of more than $100B USD in funds from international donors, including the Development Fund for Iraq, U.S. appropriations, and funds pledged at the Madrid donor conference. Additionally, the provinces are increasingly financing infrastructure and housing projects. Even so, the Iraqi government is aware that public financing will not be enough. Private capital and expertise will be needed to build and sustain the huge infrastructure investment needed. In housing, for example, the government expects that up to 85% of home building will be carried out by the private sector. The government is also strengthening the legal regime to support real estate development. Investment Law No. 13 (2006) permits distribution of land by either providing it as an incentive for investment in development projects or as long-term leases of up to 50 years. This is being reinforced by new legislation before the Iraqi Parliament which, when approved, will refine the procedures for land distribution for qualifying investments, enabling more efficient project planning to be undertaken.

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• Government authorities • Local governorate • Municipality • Local businessmen • International companies representatives located in Basrah • Decision-makers from neighboring countries • Merchants • Investors • Distributors • Architects and engineers • Property developers, owners/landlords and managers • Building materials distributors • Builder's merchants • Building contractors and tradesmen • Manufacturers of construction products and machinery • Public building administrations and government agencies

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* BUILDING &CONSTRUCTÄ°ON MATERIALS & MACHINES * ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING * OTHER PRODUCTS GROUPS Airport equipment ·Maintenance Machinery and Equipment ·Architectural finishes ·Oilfield and Gasfield Equipment & Services, ·Asphalt machinery ·Packing ·Building metarials & equipments & machines ·Paints ·Cement and Mortar Preparation ·Pile Driving, Cutting and Extraction Equipment ·Cement, Lime, Plaster Based ·Pipes and plumbing ·Compressors ·Plant, Machinery and Equipment for Building Material Production ·Concrete or Asphalt Road and Canal Construction Machinery ·Power Drive Technology for Construction Machinery ·Construction Machinery ·Pressurized Air and Hydraulic Tools ·Construction Pumps ·Production Plants and Equipment ·Construction tools & equipments,materials & machines ·Road and Soil Packing Equipment ·Construction Vehicles ·Road signs ·Control, Measurement and Leveling Equipment ·Rock, Gravel, Sand, Lime, Plaster, Cement and Other Covering and Filling Materials ·Door & window & glass systems ·Roofing systems bathroom & kitchen equipments ·Drilling and Well Servicing, Construction, ·Safety products ·Excavation ·Scaffolding, Form, Woodworking System and Equipment and Canal Production ·Exploration and Production, ·Sewage system, drain technologies ·False ceiling materials ·Spare Parts and Lubrication Systems for Construction Machinery ·Floor covering ·Stone & stone equipments & machineries ·Formworks ·Transportation and export of oil,gas, products and LNG, ·Geophysics and Geology. ·Transportation Machinery and Installations ·Grading and Tunnelling Machinery Equipment ·Under Soil Water Level Reduction Equipments ·Heavy machinery ·Vehicles and Construction Material Production Machinery (Engine, Gearbox, Drive Lines) ·Infrastructure equipments ·Water proofing ·Iron & steel products ·Wood products ·Jigsaw ·Work Safety Equipment • Cables & wiring • Electrical equipments & supplies • Power generation • Indoor & outdoor lighting • Refrigeration • Security equipments • Solar energy systems • Alarm systems

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21-24 October 2014

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