Best Practices in Community Engagement Conference (Singapore)

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Are you making a Sustained Impact on the Community? Building social cohesion in the wake of rising terrorist threats, Advocating sustainable lifestyles to take ownership of the environment, Reaching out to troubled teenagers with all-time high suicide rates, Promoting active ageing and learning amid a greying population, Supporting passions of the young in the arts, culture and sports. In today’s times of rapid social change, it is critical for the public sector, businesses and NGOs to synergise their outreach efforts to develop meaningful initiatives that have a long-term social impact. But with diverse needs of the community, differing interests among partners, passive stakeholders, and engagement fatigue, reaching out to the local community is an uphill struggle. Acquire Innovative Strategies to Successfully.... Engage the Local Community.... Join us at this 3-day event to discover how leading practitioners in the private, public and NGOs achieve sustainable engagement for long-term social impact. Be inspired with fresh and creative ideas to develop programmes that capture the diverse interests of the public including youths, families, working adults and seniors. Overcome challenges in aligning and sustaining stakeholder interest for win-win partnerships. Don’t miss the chance to hear how to co-create value with the community and effect behaviour change to convert them into active ambassadors. Acquire the latest frameworks, tools and KPIs to evaluate the short-term and long-term impact of your initiatives.

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