BIG DATA & Predictive Analytics for Defense 2017

2017-04-04 - 2017-04-05
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Over 20 Top Experts from US Army, US Navy, USAF, NGA, NSA, NRL, CMS, SPAWAR, DCGS, IBM, Microsoft, SAIC, BAE Systems, DC MET. Police, Praescient Analytics, DigitalGlobe, MapR Technologies, Cognitio, AlphaSix, Kitware, and InfoLogix. Information sharing and information overload challenges continue to dominate operational and acquisition planning within the Department of Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement communities. Increasingly, government agencies are looking for the latest tools and capabilities in big data and predictive analytics to provide the means to analyze, exploit and draw conclusions sourced from the seemingly overwhelming inputs from an ever-increasing numbers of sensors and collection tools. This outstanding symposium brings together the key government and industry experts who are shaping the direction of big data and predictive analytics research and development for defense, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement.

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