Bridal Expo 2017

2017-01-07 - 2017-01-08
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Fashion Shows, Exhibitors, and Prizes, Prizes, Prizes. There is so much to see and do. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your bridal expo experience. First on the list, PREREGISTER ONLINE and REGISTER at the bridal expo to take advantage of all prize-winning opportunities. Make LABELS with your name, address, phone number, wedding date and email address. Most exhibitors will be offering a special drawing at their booth. Having printed labels ready will save you the time you spend filling out an entry form at each booth. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES --Enough said. BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU — This is a fun day to spend with your girlfriends or Mom but don't overlook the groom. Many of your final choices will be made with him. Having him along may help you make the selection process easier and save on much needed planning time. If this is a two-day bridal expo, consider having a girls' day out one day and having him at your side for the second day. Bring a LIST OF QUESTIONS. Do they make, provide or deliver the product or service you desire? Exhibitors may be too busy to answer all of your questions during the expo, so limit the amount. If you really like the exhibitor, ask for an appointment where you will get an in depth, dedicated, one-on-one conversation. Bring your CELL PHONE to take pictures of things you really like. This includes exhibitors. Don't get home only to realize you have forgotten the name of that company you really wanted to use. A quick snap of the exhibitor at their booth will get you back to the right person. COLLECT INFORMATION (business cards, brochures etc) from all exhibitors. When you get home you can read their information, get ideas and start making choices. FASHION SHOWS will highlight the latest in bridal fashion. This is the perfect time to seek out your style and design as well as the look you want for the rest of the bridal party. (Take advantage of this show time to get off your feet for a while). FINAL TIP: Enjoy the food samples, fashions and entertainment. Get involved and have FUN!!!

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