California Narcotic Officers' Association 51st Annual Training Institute and Law Enforcement Exposition

"For Better Narcotic Enforcement"
2015-11-21 - 2015-11-24
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This event has grown to be one of the premier shows offered to selected companies with product lines that compliment our training efforts.

Attendee information

Drawing from the 7000 members of CNOA, the Institute and Exposition is normally attended by over 2000 people including their guests. Through the outreach of CNOA to the Narcotic Associations of other states and countries, the Institute routinely draws attendees from surrounding states and representatives from Europe. The CNOA Institute and Exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for networking with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies involved in narcotic enforcement.

Exhibitor information

CNOA accepts applications from only those companies whose product line is applicable to this specialized area of law enforcement and the needs of our members. At CNOA we believe the exhibits are an extension of the excellent training provided at the institute. We believe the exhibitors provide needed knowledge of changing technology and services which increase our members effectiveness and safety. For these reasons we treat our exhibitors as we do our instructors. A lounge, stocked with refreshments, is provided in the exhibit area so you can get away and relax. You are not a lost soul at the CNOA exhibition. Upon reserving a booth, you will be assigned a personal representative to answer any questions or assist with unforeseen problems, before and during the exhibition.

Partner Voices

Business success — you may think it’s all about the bottom line, but savvy CEOs like those at Apple, Starbucks and IKEA know otherwise. Although profits play a big role, it’s also important for companies to be socially responsible by considering their impact on the environment, their local economy and their customers. One way that companies can practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) is by incorporating it into company events.