Campus Technology 2017

2017-07-17 - 2017-07-20
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The Campus Technology Conference brings together thought leaders from the fields of higher education and technology to explore innovative solutions and to develop effective strategies for campus administration, infrastructure, teaching and learning, and more. Conference speakers and attendees include chief information officers, vice presidents of technology and other executives, as well as academic and technology professionals who are working to manage resources effectively, build seamless networks, and create new educational and enterprise models for the future. Developed in consultation with members of an advisory board of academic and administrative experts from colleges and universities nationwide, each annual conference emphasizes strategic initiatives, technological innovations, emerging trends, hands-on workshop experiences, and opportunities for collaboration and partnership with industry leaders as well as within and among institutions.
Attendee information
2017 Expo Information for Attendees: Campus Technology will once again feature an exciting Expo with hundreds of IT solutions for you to explore. You’ll view presentations and demos, getting up-close and hands-on with today's most innovative technological products and services — the best way to determine which technologies are right for your campus initiatives. Here's just a sample of the solutions you'll find in the Expo: Administrative and Financial Software Systems Assessment Solutions Assistive Learning Technologies AV Equipment Campus Cards/Building Access Management and Facilities Safety Computing Hardware Curriculum/Instructional/Development Tools Data Security Emergency Planning and Management Systems ePortfolios/Personal Learning Environments eTextbooks/Digital Publishing IP Communication Technologies IT Funding and Financial Planning IT Services Networking Management Presentation Products Professional Development Project Management Student and Auxiliary Services Technologies Web Content and Management Portals

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Business success — you may think it’s all about the bottom line, but savvy CEOs like those at Apple, Starbucks and IKEA know otherwise. Although profits play a big role, it’s also important for companies to be socially responsible by considering their impact on the environment, their local economy and their customers. One way that companies can practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) is by incorporating it into company events.