China International Sauna & Spa & Pool Fair 2017

2017-05-12 - 2017-05-14
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Asia Pool SPA Expo, referred to as Asia Pool & Spa Expo, was founded in 2005, formerly known as China (Guangzhou) International Sauna Swimming Pool Spa Equipment and Supplies Exhibition, formerly known as "Sauna & Spa & Pool China". Asia Pool & Spa Expo2016 was held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center from May 13 to 15, 2016. It was held at the same time: New Promotion Ceremony "Water Stone" Annual Award Ceremony, China Enjoy Construction Forum, Special Product Experience, Technology Summit Forum, visit the well-known factory, industry elite night and thank dinner, 7 games, the contents of the form of colorful, eye-catching. Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2016 exhibited an area of ​​nearly 56,000 square meters, with a total of 845 exhibitors and 47.64 million visitors, including 8832 overseas visitors, 15% in North America, 16% in Oceania, 5% in Africa, Accounting for 17%, Asia accounted for 34%, other regions 13%. Show post statistics Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2016 The number of professional visitors reached 16020, of which 2614 international buyers, compared with last year, an increase of 20%.
Attendee information
1. Agents, dealers, traders, distributors, scientific research institutes, foreign offices in China, government agencies, etc. 2. Villa design institutes, decoration & design companies, design institutes, architects, real estate developers; 3. Hotels, hotel management companies, investment management companies, property management agencies, etc; 4. Clubs, resorts, spa and bath centers, bars, foot massage centers, public bathrooms, etc; 5. Large beauty salons, fitness clubs, other business units and chain organizations; 6. Government departments, hospitals, schools, trade associations, media, etc.
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Sauna facilities: sauna room, steam room, sauna bucket, sauna controller, sauna heater, sauna lock, household floor heating system, etc; SPA supplies: spa facility, medical spa, spa hot tub, skin care product, bath salt, mineral clay, essential oil, seaweed, etc; Swimming pool facilities: circulating filter, chlorinator, anti-slip facility, heat pump, water pump, cleaning and maintenance system, disinfection equipment, pool light, swimming pool accessories, etc; Bath equipment & supplies: shower room, massage equipment, footbath product, bath cloth, bath product, etc; Image display: SPA beauty care, fitness equipment, hairdressing and cosmetology, cosmetic, health care; sports leisure and entertainment facility, engineering company, training agency, etc.

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