The China (Shanghai) International Foundry Exhibition 2019

2019-05-29 - 2019-05-31
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China International Foundry Exhibition (brief in CIFE) is the world's flagship show in foundry industry. Established in 2004, it stands at the marketing frontier, combining trading, brand promotion, supply-demand matching, and technical exchange, serves to the whole industry chain as a high-end business platform. Foundry industry is the key industry of modern industry and equipment manufacturing industry. At the present stage, along with the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, China foundry industry has made a great progress, quality and output of casting steadily improves, average size of industry enterprises increases year by year, and concentration degree of industry gradually increases. "13th Five-Year" development plan of foundry industry, issued by Ministry of industry and information, states explicitly development goals of raise the concentration degree of foundry industry, capture production technology of high and key castings, promote energy saving and emission reduction to a new level and so on. It also put forward 13 tasks like further advance implementation of foundry industry access system, speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, etc. In response to the call, better push ahead with “Made in China 2025”, CIFE2019 strives to domestic and foreign foundry resources integration, helps enterprises to develop environmental protection raw and auxiliary materials, strengthens research on new technology, new technology, and new equipment of foundry, builds generic technology and high technology transport platform, promotes the restructuring and structural adjustment between enterprises, eliminates backward production capacity, promotes industrial upgrading, and finally achieves "Clean Production, Green Foundry".

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▼Castings: Automobile, machine tool, shipbuilding, construction machinery, rail transportation, heavy machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, general machinery, electric power, telecommunication, petrochemical industry, building hardware, pipeline and pump valve, municipal engineering ,etc .As well as kinds of casting products include precision casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting, rotary casting, low- pressure casting, etc.

▼Foundry Machine: Kinds of smelting furnace, automatic pouring machine, molding line, core making center, sand mixer, sand processing equipment, sand reclamation equipment, shot blast cleaning equipment, die-casting machine, precision casting equipment, full mold casting device, various robot, fast molding equipment, nondestructive testing equipment, cleaning environment protection equipment, age-treatment equipment, heat treatment equipment, casting mould, casting defect repair equipment, casting processing equipment, etc.

▼Foundry Materials: Foundry resin, paint, foundry pig iron, ferroalloy, non-ferrous metal, insulated feeder, filter, foundry coke, silica sand, precoated sand, chromite sand, coal dust, inoculant, refining agent, nodulizer, vermiculizer, dregs remover, silica sol, refractory materials, etc. foundry raw and auxiliary material.

▼Instrument: Testing machine of mold sand machine property, direct-reading spectrometer, mechanics performance tester, three coordinate measuring machine, high and low temperature impact test box, etc.

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