CM CHINA Expo 2015International Construction Machinery, Equipment and Parts & Components Exhibition

2015-06-10 - 2015-06-12
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CM CHINA Expo 2015 (2015 International Construction Machinery, Equipment and Parts & Components Exhibition) will be held in June 10th-12th, 2015 in National Center for Exhibition and Convention, Shanghai (NCEC), with show are up to 160,000 sqm. CM CHINA Expo 2015 will mainly focus on 4 show areas: RoadTec, FE China, Bridge China, and China Tunnel Expo. This event will show the latest technology and products on construction machinery and related accessories & parts. More than 500 exhibitors from over 20 countries will bring their brand new competitive products, which are designed suitably for the future market, showcasing their state-of -art technology, products and solutions in the whole industrial chain. We are concern that CM CHINA Expo will be an outstanding opportunity to network, meet business partners, strngthen existing contacts and establish new ones. It is more than a show but also a grand industry party for all the participants with the common developing goal. We invite and warm-welcome related attendees to participate in our event from all over the world!
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the whole construction industry chain
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Construction Machinery:Earth-Moving Machinery, Excavation Machinery, Combination Excavator and Hauler, Road Machinery, Road Maintenance Machinery, Compaction Machinery, Bridge and Tunnel Construction Machinery, Piling Machinery, Engineering Lifting Machinery, Aerial Work & Port Machinery, Formwork and Scaffolding, Construction Site Facilities, and kinds of tools, etc. Building Material Machinery:Concrete Machinery, Asphalt Equipment, Steel-Prestressed Machinery, Power Tools, Prefabricated Equipment & Other Construction of Facilities, Bituminous Materials Producing Machinery and Equipment, etc. Mining Machinery:Tunneling Machinery, Rock Drilling Machinery, Engineering Drilling Machinery, Pneumatic Crushing Machinery, Crushing Machinery, Screening Machinery, Transportation Machinery, Ore Washing Machine, Ventilation, Dedusting Equipment, Protective Equipment. Construction Vehicles:Concrete Truck, Concrete Pump Truck, Municipal Maintenance Vehicles, Multi-purpose Maintenance Vehicles, Asphalt Distributor, Bridge Detection Vehicle, Road Block Removal Truck, Sanitation Trucks、Bulk-Cement Delivery Tanker, etc. Accessories&Parts and Service Providers:Engines and Engine Parts, Power Devices and Accessories, Chassis & Transmission Parts, Hydraulic and Hydraulic Components, Pneumatic Tools & Components, Electric and Electronic Control Parts, Seals, Lubrication Equipment/Walking Parts and Accessories, Instrument & Meter, Vulnerable Parts, Bearing, Other Accessories, etc.

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