CRTS CHINA 2014(The 10th China Rail Transit Technology Exhibition)

2014-05-07 - 2014-05-09
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The 1st CRTS CHINA was held in 2005 and has been successfully held for 9 years. It was held one time each year in Shanghai and Beijing by turns. It is the only rail transit exhibition jointly approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology & the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China . And it is the only comprehensive industry exhibition integrating railway and urban rail transit in China and also the only international rail transit exhibition based in China and focused on Asian procurement markets.

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Railway companies and operators Associations and institutions Rolling stock manufacturers Science, research and development Engineering / Construction Administrations, authorities, ministries Manufacturers and suppliers of railway technology Consultants

Exhibitor information

Rail vehicles and spare parts: Components and parts of Diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, EMUs, metro and light rail vehicles, trams, linear motor trains, maglev train, monorail vehicles, AGT automated guided vehicles, etc.; vehicle power systems, transmission systems, control systems, vehicle body materials, etc.; Rail vehicle interiors: Interior concept, interior renovation, parts replacement, decoration services, doors, curtains, partitions, chairs, lockers, fabrics, floor coverings, laminate, safety equipment, paints, trolleys, toilets, lighting, car kitchen equipment, comfort products, luggage rack, grab bars, wireless internet access and communication systems, refrigeration, electronic displays, food service equipment; Rail transit communication signals: Digital systems; intelligent broadband systems; information systems; portals and data centers; cloud systems; video surveillance systems and equipment; intelligent video analysis systems and equipment; joint debugging and commissioning systems; centralized scheduling system; GSM-R systems; computer interlocking systems; public infrastructure encoding platforms; information sharing platforms; Rail security technology and equipment: Survey and measuring instruments, tunnel detector, laser detection equipment, pipeline detector, GPS positioning system, section measuring instrument, radar, guided construction equipment, fire-proof and explosion-proof products, sensor detection equipment, underground lighting equipment, underground power supply equipment, underground communication equipment, underground monitoring equipment, underground rescue equipment, personnel evacuation equipment, etc. HVAC technology and equipment: Innovative technology and equipment for platform HVAC drainage; air conditioning systems and components for locomotive units; energy-saving HVAC technology and equipment; platform sewage systems; water projects; innovative technologies and equipment for cooling tower; Tunnel and underground engineering: Machinery and equipment, parts, materials and technology for tunnel construction, engineering machinery, safety devices and equipment, etc.; underground traffic detection and exploration technology, construction materials and technical equipment, etc.; construction machinery and supporting equipment for underground lines, signals, bridges, tunnels, power supply networks, station, etc.

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