CRU Ryan's Notes Ferroalloys 2015

2015-10-18 - 2015-10-20
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Price: Until 13 September 2015: USD1470 From 14 September 2015: USD1570 Category: Exhibitions | Business and Economics | Metal and Minerals Speakers: Anika Khan - Director, Senior Economist - Wells Fargo, Esteban Rivero - Commercial and Energy Director - AUTLAN - Vice-Chairman - International Manganese Institute (IMnI), Anna Fleming - Consultant - CRU, Claes Lundman - General Manager - CellMark Metal Division - Sonaco Trading AB, Paul Houston - VP Marketing, Americas - Vale, Mark Beveridge - Nickel/Stainless Steel/Special Alloys Team Leader - CRU, Mauri Kauppi - Vice President FeCr Sales and Marketing - Outokumpu Chrome Oy, Nikhil Shah - Principal Consultant Nickel/Stainless Steel/Special Alloys Team - CRU, Alasdair Gledhill - Nickel Product Manager - ELG Metals, Anil Shah - President - Ni-Met Metals and Minerals Inc, Robert Fig - Senior Business Development Executive - London Metal Exchange, Bill Reid - Strategic Sourcing Manager: Forgings Structural Castings and Mill Products - Pratt and Whitney, Rebecca Gordon - Management Consultant - CRU, Gary Heasley - Independent Consultant Thomas Rasmussen - Director Strategic Planning and Market Research - DLA Strategic Materials, Kevin Pritchett - Head of Molybdenum Sales and Marketing - KGHM International, Dr. Frank M. Jackel - Head of Sales - Niobium and Ferroalloys - Anglo American, David Schollaert - Editor - CRU Ryan's Notes, Jorn de Linde - Senior Vice President - CRU Time: 05:00 am - 10:00 am
This conference attracts 650+ producers, traders and consumers from 34 countries operating in a wide range of bulk ferroalloys, minor metals, mill products and powder product markets. It's the go-to-event for doing business in the global ferroalloy market and to gain reliable insight on future market trends. With China slowing more quickly than anticipated, and other challenging conditions experienced in many alloy markets,knowing what to expect next and how to react is front and center of any successful strategy. Questions such as, which products are reverting to trend growth and which still have an upside, and which alloys will benefit from China's transition to consumer-led growth, are just some examples of the critical trading issues to be addressed at the conference. Set over three days, the event features 19 networking opportunities, 19 expert speakers and over 50 private meeting rooms set aside for negotiations. Whether you need deep insights into today's and tomorrow's trading conditions, or want to do business with fellow delegates, this must-attend event offers exceptional value for money and time – it's probably the best three days out of the office you'll spend this year. Book your place now.

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