Cyber Security For Defense 2019

2019-06-26 - 2019-06-28
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Cyber threats continue to originate from a wide variety (and ever-multiplying) range of entities from state-sponsored groups and terrorists to criminal elements and emerging hacktivist movements. As these groups exercise increasing sophistication in their use of advanced technology, the federal government is pressured to keep “ahead of the game” in protecting a wide array of disparate legacy systems with more limited resources. There is nothing like attending a face-to-face event for knowledge gathering networking, and we don’t have to tell you how helpful it can be to get a hands-on demo of a new tool or to have your questions answered by experts. Cyber Security for Defense aims to provide a forum for Military leaders, Program Executive Officers, Industry Executives, Academics and Researchers from across the U.S share and discuss both theoretical and practical knowledge.

This year you can again expect a high caliber and diversified speaker faculty from every facet of the U.S. Government and Military. Conference attendees will have an incredible opportunity to learn from 100+ top industry and military experts about the challenges we face and how working together we plan to forge ahead on a fast track into the expanding future. This year’s summit will cover topics including:


·Cyber Defense Acquisition Goals                                           ·Cyber Terrorism

· Protecting Sensitive Data from Cyber Intrusion                    ·AI and Machine Learning 

· Cybersecurity Training                                                         · Cloud Data Protection

· Protecting Weapon Systems from Cyber Attacks                 · Blockchain Technology & Cybersecurity

·Encryption Standards                                                             ·Protecting Critical Defense Infrastructures

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Presentation Topics Include:

  • Defending the United States from Cyber Attacks by Hostile States and Criminals
  • Sharing Information between the Military and Private Sector
  • Building Awareness of Cyber Vulnerabilities, Incidents, and Mitigations
  • Challenges, Successes, and Future Investments in Cyber Security
  • Defending the DoD Network from Cyber Intrusions
  • Implementing Robust Cyber Defense Capabilities
  • Maintaining a Reliable Pool of Talented Cyber Personnel
  • International Military Perspectives on Fighting Cybercrime

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